While lockdowns were still a major part of our lives, Only Fans played a big part in releasing some of that pent up sexual tension.  Due to this, it is only natural that lust and sexual desire have been at higher levels than ever before, particularly for those couples that, for one reason or another, do not live in the same house. It can feel incredibly depressing to not see your partner every day, to not be with them and be able to touch them or kiss them therefore, it is only natural that with so many lockdowns, the sexual tension gets bigger and bigger. This can obviously have an impact on the relationship, especially if the couple doesn’t exactly know how to deal with this sexual frustration without being with each other physically.

There are many ways to release sexual frustration in a healthy and safe way but, obviously, it would have to be virtual. Because of lockdowns, having sexual interactions with your partner must be virtual until this end so, what better inspiration to have than to pretend you’re an Only Fans star, just for your partner? This might seem a bit odd at first but, once you understand what Only Fans is and how you can implement its techniques into your sex life while apart from your partner, it will make perfect sense!

What Is Only Fans?

In short, Only Fans is an online website where people can post their most sexy and enticing photos and have their fans (hence the name) buy them! It is pretty much a form of providing the audience with a sexier and much more revealing look to one’s body, all while earning a bit of money from it. In it’s essence, it is a great tool for adult models that like to showcase their best assets while still making a profit but, how exactly can you incorporate that into the relationship’s sex life?

Confidence And Photoshoots

Now that we know what Only Fans is, we have to dissect what makes it so sexy and how you can incorporate it into your relationship’s sex life, while apart from your partner. One of the most common aspects of an Only Fans model is that they are confident in themselves, after all, you need to have quite a bit of confidence in order to show your body to the internet like that and, they certainly have to it to spare!

Having confidence in your own skin is incredibly important and insanely sexy. It makes you act in a much more enticing and powerful way, all while showcasing your body in a way that you just couldn’t if you were less confident about it. Being confident in your skin is the art of owning what you have and knowing that your partner loves you for you, in your entirety! Now, seeing that you are apart from your partner due to the lockdowns, you can’t really showcase your body as you could before, however, a nice photoshoot can easily resolve that.

By planning out a photoshoot where you dress sexy and pose even sexier, showing more and more skin with each photo you take can truly get your partner’s imagination going in the best way possible. Sexy photoshoots between couples are nothing new but, seeing that lockdowns are creating distance between couples, it is definitely something that is now bringing newcomers to the medium. Having confidence in yourself is the best tool in front of the camera because it’ll make you pose more provocatively so, bring out the Only Fans model in you and get those photos ready!

Azura Ali
Azura Ali

Create A Business Plan

Now, obviously, after you’ve taken your photos and you’ve picked out the best ones, it is time to send them to your partner and watch them glowing with enticement and getting hungrier and hungrier to see more, however, much like an Only Fans account, you must have a business plan, right? Well, yes and no. Naturally, you are not going to make your partner pay for those photos (that would not be nice) but, instead, you’ll make them work for it!  There are a couple of ways to do this and to truly make it a fun experience and, at the end of the day, it is up to the imagination of the individual however, we do have some “business plans” already thought out for you! Having your partner take a piece of clothing and sending a photo of them without it to you in exchange for one of the sexy pictures you just took is a great way. By doing this, you get them to eventually be fully nude and horny and about to burst in excitement.

If that doesn’t sound too fun for you, you could also make them do things in exchange and record it in the video, sending it to you in exchange for some photos. Examples of this could be having your partner masturbating on video, talking dirty to you, or anything else that you might like. This creates a sense of reward for both individuals and it can make for some great and fun moments!

Play With The Webcam

The last tip to incorporate an Only Fans approach to having sex with your partner online is to give them a webcam show! Jumping on a video call with them and then masturbating while looking at each other, talking dirty and showing every single angle of each other’s body is a great way to do so but, it is also incredibly important to create the right atmosphere! Making sure that the lighting is right, that the background is alluring and that you have some sex toys available to play with (with no shame, that is left out the door), you can truly summon the Only Fans model in you, maximizing the sexual session and bring something new to the relationship that can be incredibly refreshing!

Incorporating the Only Fans formula into a couple’s sex life while distancing can be a great way to break the monotony, have some fun and connect with each other. Even though it will obviously not be as good as if it were in real life, it is a form of roleplay that is both fun and enticing in the best possible way.

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