Porn star and escort, Pixie Peach, has opened up about how the porn industry has been affected during the pandemic and revealed that whilst some aspects have taken a nosedive, others have been thriving.

Pixie has worked in all corners of the porn industry, from massage parlours, webcam and Fake Taxi films, to hosting her own sex parties. Pixie, who currently lives in North Wales where lockdown measures are pretty strict, had this to say about her situation:

Within the sex industry I have dipped my fingers in most pies. I have been on the front page of PornHub featuring in Fake Taxi and other pornos, I am a successful webcam model and long time escort, starting my career in parlours and moving onto working independently

More recently I have starting hosting my own sex parties bringing to life the fantasy of that much wanted intimacy with your favourite pornstars.

Covid-19 has hit my industry in many ways and affected my business in many ways.

My main two jobs within the sex industry are escorting and hosting sex parties, along with porn. These have been the hardest hit positions since the coronavirus outbreak.

With all the social distancing measures, it’s understandable that escorting and sex parties have plummeted, which sadly means that a lot of porn stars have been left struggling for income. Pixie continued:

Although many girls in the industry have continued to work I refuse to put myself and others at risk of this virus. A lot of the websites I used to promote my escorting have produced new guidelines of removing escorting from the profiles of working girls until it is safe to return and I will not return to that line of work until they deem it safe along with the governments lifted restrictions.

Definitely a wise move. Pixie Peach is currently working on a few webcam sites but has revealed that the sites are so inundated with girls that it’s tough to get a look in. She added:

The sites are inundated with girls trying to make quick money while on lockdown and out of work so competition has never been so rife.

I’m not sure what sites Pixie is appearing on but she’d get a prime spot on Babestation Cams. Pixie, if you see this, give us a holla!