No wonder the younger generation are so into Pope Francis – the dude is an absolute Don. First off, he’s well into LGBTQ+ rights, which let’s face it, his Catholic counterparts don’t seem to be as accepting off. He’s also given the thumbs up to couples who want to annul their marriage or get divorced which again, a lot of catholic priests wouldn’t be too cool with.

Pope Francis Instagram Model

If that was enough of a reason to like him, here’s another – he’s just been caught double tapping on an Instagram model’s booty pic. Steady on there, Franky! Just picture it – Pope Francis gets in from a hard days work preaching the gospel and he just wants to disappear into his phone for a bit, as you do. He was probably looking at bread and wine pics on Instagram when suddenly the algorithm switches and he starts getting shown a bunch of hot broads in bikinis. Whoa! He then stumbles upon a pic of a curvy model with her ass angled to camera and forgetting he’s not on Facebook he double taps to zoom in. SHOCK HORROR! Double tapping on Instagram is an instant like. Goddam this new technology. He then goes about his day totally unaware of his double tap mishap. Of course I don’t know if it actually played out this way but  it adds a bit of spark to the story doesn’t it.

Pope Francis Favourite Natalia Garibotto Pope Francis like instagram post from Natalia Garibotto

The model the Pope was so enthralled by is none other than the stunning blonde, Natalia Garibotto. After finding out that the Pope had liked her pic she was pretty chuffed. I guess now she knows for sure that she’s getting into heaven. I wonder if it’s the catholic college uniform that did it?!

You can’t blame the guy. I mean look at that ass! I’d be double tapping that all day long. If it’s ass you want though, Pope Francis, you should’ve come to us. Get a load of Ashley Emma, she’s got booty for days!


  1. Mama Mia need to get the Vatican hooked up to Babestation. I remember there was a short lived Italian babestation back in the day. Right now ther is only the German version

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