Disclaimer: This fantasy fiction story about Poppy Morgan has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

After a chance encounter with a porn industry model scout turned her head and got her curious about starting in the industry, Poppy Morgan has never looked back and has now featured in hundreds of porn movies.  Including, most notably, ‘The Wedding’ a porn adaptation of her own wedding to porn Director Darren Morgan featuring wild sex scenes, including anal scenes and orgies.

You may remember Poppy from her days appearing on Live XXX TV, the subscription porn channel which started on SKY channel 995 until it moved to channel 911 in 2006 and was renamed, Sexstation

If you ever saw Poppy doing her thing on Sexstation or on Babestation TV, then you’ll be familiar with how dirty she can be.  However if you still need some convincing, check out this fan’s story of a sexy encounter with this top British pornstar:

I was working my weekend job at the cinema and I was doing my usual thing of daydreaming about all the hot women I’d probably never get to date. It was a quiet Sunday morning so I decided to pass the time by scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, looking at all the bikini clad glamour models and porn stars. I don’t know why I teased myself like this but it was better than talking to my co-workers. My job was to take the customers tickets and show them to their seat so I stood outside the screen and waited for someone to come. I was beginning to think no one was coming when I see a sexy curvy woman approach me. To my surprise she’s completely alone and as she hands me her ticket, we lock eyes and share a moment. She asks me to show her to her seat and I tell her she can sit anywhere she likes because the room is completely empty. She insists I show her to her seat still which is a bit odd but I don’t want to get in trouble with management so I help the woman by showing her in.

I lead the way and she’s walking close behind me. Close enough that I suddenly feel her hand on my back. I laugh nervously and point her to her seat. “Here you are”, I say, ushering her to B42. “It’s not the seat I want”, she says, and she pushes me onto the seat and straddles me. She dry humps me as she kisses me passionately and I’m confused at what the heck is going on. I ask her what she’s doing and she tells me her name is Poppy Morgan and that she’s a porn star who has always wanted to shoot a sex scene in an empty cinema. As the movie starts playing, Poppy gets out her phone and demands I film her whilst she gives me a blowjob. She sucks my cock as I film her POV and I can’t quite believe what’s happening. She then gets up, stands in front of the giant screen and strips nude, revealing her big tits and from what I can make out with the moody lighting, a shaved pussy. She struts over to me as I continue filming and spreads her pussy to camera and begins fingering herself and giving JOI sex chat to the camera, which I’m assuming is for whoever will view the footage and not for me. Poppy climbs on top of me and guides my hard cock into her wet pussy. She fucks me hard and fast in the cowgirl position and she takes the phone and films herself fucking me in selfie mode. Looking down at her tight pussy fucking me is enough to make me bust a nut inside her and she finishes the shot my making me film a closeup of her cum creampie. I’ll never moan about my job again!

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