Blonde phone sex and and nude model pornstar and Fake Taxi starlet Babestation girl, Victoria Summers is one of the most popular XXX performers in the UK with well over 1million Twitter followers. Here we have one of her biggest fans spilling the beans on what he likes most about the blowjob queen.

What turns you on most about Victoria Summers?
I can’t get enough of her winning smile during her energetic sex scenes. I’ve watched a lot of porn videos over the years but Victoria Summers porn has that edge over some of the other X- Rated performers out there. You can tell she loves what she does and I love the cheeky glint in her eye when she’s doing an anal scene

What’s your favourite outfit she has worn on screen or in her porn films?
I really like her in normal clothes such as jeans and T-shirt with bare feet like a sexy girl next door. It makes me feel like I might actually get to see her flashing in public one day. A guy can dream…

What would you say are Victoria Summers’ best assets?
Delightful curves, big tits and fantastic ass

What are your favourite porn scenes Victoria Summers has starred in?
I love her unscripted gonzo style POV clips that she shoots outdoors. It’s so exciting to watch her flash her pussy on the train or strip nude in a public bathroom. I’m also a huge fan of her DP squirt scenes.

What was the sexiest thing you ever discussed with her on the phone or webcam?
She told me in detail how how she would fuck me and swallow my cum. I love camming with her and calling her for cheap mobile phone sex.

What’s the hottest thing Victoria Summers has ever done during a cam or Pervcam session? 
Finger fuck her wet pussy until she squirted while giving me

If you could set Victoria any tip goal, what would it be?
I’d absolutely love it if she would do an escort meet and film it. I’d happily offer up my services if she’d like to try it lol

If you could see Victoria Summers get naughty with any other performer, who would it be? 
Nicolette Shea or Riley Reid

If you could take Victoria on a date, where would you take her?
I’d take her to a nice spa hotel where we could have a nude couples massage. Maybe it could end with a happy ending like a cliche porno

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