There’s a lot happening at Babestation at the moment, and we’d like to tell you a little more…

Firstly an apology

The Babestation online streams are momentarily offline, but this is nothing to do with Friday 13th guys, it’s simply technical stuff.  We’re all in the middle of studio move of course (this much you will have gathered), but you will have your Babestation, Babestation X, Masti and Sexstation babes all bouncing around on your online screen as soon as we can.  You can also look forward to having some brand new sets!  We know they don’t make the world of difference to you, but they certainly inspire the girls a little more and they’re sure to perform even better (if that is indeed possible) than they have before.

Rochelle Hardy on Babestation
Rochelle – great tits!

Here is a lovely shot of the gorgeous Rochelle.  I wouldn’t mind being the person who gets to put his hand prints on her tits that’s for sure!  As you know, we have a brand new generation of Babestation stars coming through the ranks to join our veterans, and we’d like to remind you that you can find quite a number of new photo and video shoots with many of these girls online now.  It’s all in the member’s area of course, but there really isn’t a good reason why you can’t get to look at it when it only costs £1.50!  This is for a two day trial membership for goodness sake, that allows you access to our website and any live shows that fall on your trial.