Rochelle is one of those babes we keep getting asked about.  The new girls always get a lot of interest, and here’s even more reason to watch her…

This gorgeous Babestation babe with the fashionably shaved head will be returning to your screens on Friday night (12th April).  She had an awesome show on Tuesday night, and we’re expecting a repeat performance, if not something even better!  This is why we’d like you to put in a few requests for outfits etc by using the comment box on the blog below.  You never know… If I can get Rochelle to look at it over in the next couple of days she might just dig deep into her wardrobe and find you that something special.  She’s a lovely girl… You’ve just got to meet her! Well, actually, you probably won’t meet her; scratch that!

Rochelle on Babestation Friday 12th April

These pictures are pretty awesome, and along with making even the most impotent man as hard as an RSJ (a little term for you builders out there), she really does make it look easy.  Most of the Babestation babes are photogenic (we wouldn’t have them otherwise), but Rochelle brings something else to the camera I think.  It’s all in the eyes you see.  When you see as many Babestation girls as I do on my travels, you start to see different things in them, other than their boobies and their sweet little ass!

Rochelle – Babestation

Rochelle has really kind look  about her don’t you agree?  If you can take your eyes off her tits for a moment and take a peek into her very startling blue eyes you’d realise that this is the sort of young girl who would actually help a granny cross the road or carry her bags up a flight of stairs.  They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and if this is the case, then this Babestation girl has a good soul.  She might be doing all manner of debauched things on the TV late at night, but this just makes her even better in my book.  Be good, but not that good!  Clean soul, dirty mind is the way forward.  And with a body like that, you have to have a quick one off the wrist don’t you?

Babestationtv – Getting to know the girls well, because you’re not allowed to!  🙂

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  1. 1st time I’ve seen u 2nite hunni n ur stunning & kept ur kit on all the time u been one Classy lady n i no from ur moves u were having a normal (ish) convo! Id love 2 ring n have a girl on girl chat but u’d earn a fortune cuz i rabble n id b skint cuz of fees! Lmao …u bin on the fone more than the ones that r starkers n really r intriguing 2 watch…yes i am a bird but nowt wrong with another womancomplimenting a anwoman complimentin

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