It comes as no surprise to find out that everyone in Yorkshire is a dirty bastard, and we have proof! It turns out, according to one sex survey Yorkshire has been revealed as the top county in the UK for dogging. Again, I’m not surprised. Apparently, Yorkshire has 271 dogging spots; Some of the the locations include a water park in Wakefield and a swimming bath. All very classy!

Sex survey pornstar with her ass up

According to sex survey site Swinging Heaven, over 21,000 members from Yorkshire meet up regularly to indulge in some outdoor sex. They meet at a variety of spots including the car park opposite Preston North End’s Deepdale stadium and Moor Park bowling green in Preston, just in case you’re interested. With a place name like Deepdale how could it possibly be used for anything other than a dogging site?!

One online dogger said:

I ended up in a truck with a fit trucker who I met in the loo. Definitely one to visit again.

Swinging Heaven’s sex survey site revealed that more than 21,000 Yorkshire members gather frequently for outdoor sexual activities. Popular meeting spots include the car park across from Preston North End’s Deepdale stadium and the Moor Park bowling green in Preston. Deepdale’s name seems fitting for its alternative use as a dogging location!

Horny Northern fuckers! My sister lives up North and she can confirm that there are a lot of filthy goings on in her town. I swear every one of her mates has banged at least one of their other friends husbands. So there you have it, Yorkshire people are as filthy as they cum ; )