You may remember a while back I posted a blog about the gorgeous Megan Moore, Or should I say the former Megan Coxxx?!

You probably remember her from her wild X-Rated movies but those days are behind her now. After her two year break from the industry, Megan came back rejuvenated and reinvented; Not just in looks but in attitude too. Now going by the name of Marni Moore and rocking a sleek new blonde hair style, she’s every inch the elegant

Gone is the harsh dark makeup replaced by stunning winged eyeliner and red lips that highlight her striking features and blue eyes. She also appears to be rocking a slightly bigger cleavage these days, which accentuate her tiny waist.  Find more content of Marni on Marni Moore Onlyfans.

As Marni used to shoot porn films, many fans were expecting her to return to porn; diving straight into the night shows and shooting hundreds of X-Rated scenes again, but that’s not the case at all. Marni wanted to come back as an entirely different woman to what you knew before by appearing on Babestation Daytime and
generally having a more demure yet cutesy attitude.

All in all, I’d say Marni absolutely nailed her comeback. She has managed to shake off the Megan Coxx persona for the new and improved classic bombshell that is Marni Moore.

Even though Marni only does the day show now which is entirely clothed, you can still see a lot more of her by logging in to her Pervcam next time she’s live. You will see way more on Perve Cam than you ever anticipated. Trust me!!!


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