With Babestation saying goodbye to their teens and reaching their 20th birthday, we thought we would take you on a historical tour of Sexstation TV, the live sex web channel and babeshow. For those who were too young at the time or had no clue of the show’s existence, Sexstation first started making waves back in 2006, where it was known for being a live XXX interactive phonesex show and porn show. Many careers in the adult industry were launched by Sexstation, including iconic British pornstars, Jasmine Jae, Ava Delush, Karlie Simon and Harmony Reigns.


From 2006 through 2014, the pornographic channel was broadcast, then it briefly returned in 2018. In 2006, from 9pm until the early hours of the morning, Sexstation debuted on the Lucky Star channel (Sky 910). It was known as Live XXX for the first six months before transitioning to Sexstation. Kimmy Haze, Tammy Oldham, and Karina Currie all had their debuts as glamour models on Live XXX/Sexstation before going on to have hugely  successful careers in the babeshow and XXX porn industry. Karina was well known for her incredibly articulate phonesex chat and vast wealth of knowledge in the kink and fetish community. She was highly experienced in BDSM, bondage, domination, JOI, spanking and feet worship. She also loved taking part in lesbian girl-girl live sex and toy shows, where her pussy eating talents made her top of the leaderboard. Fans on the Babeshow forum would often comment on Karina’s XXX shows and her ability to make another orgasm for real. She could even make other performers squirt with her tongue and fingering technique.


It was only accessible online and on Sky’s Adult channel in the early days when it was still  going by the name of Live XXX, and it was only free from 9pm to 11pm before switching to encryption. It was those hours during encryption where all the X-rated British porn filth took place. Viewers were able to see their favourite babe stripping naked and fucking her wet pussy with a dildo or DP’ing her ass and pussy at the same time. Viewers could pay-to-view the models performing live girl-girl lesbian sex shows or boy-girl hardcore porn shows featuring deepthroat BJ, threesome action and fucking.

After Live XXX became Sexstation TV, viewers no longer had to deal with encryption and the show was broadcast totally free of charge from 9pm to 5am. Viewers could still access the same XXX free porn content even after the paywall was taken down. Unsurprisingly, the choice to remove encryption but keep the explicit nature the same made ratings skyrocket by more than double. The cheap phonesex lines were ringing off the hook 24/7. Viewers were also given the opportunity to send in texts and photos of themselves for a chance to be featured on the show and, if they were lucky, get a compliment from the host. Who wouldn’t want Tammy Oldham or Angel Long complimenting their cock?! It’s also worth noting that when Sexstation was still online only, it featured the first-ever Pervcam feed. Back then, the hidden camera feed would only give the viewer a POV of the entire studio, including production staff. This is world’s apart from today’s vision of Pervcam, where you get to see a closeup shot of a model’s ass and shaved pussy. Pervcam has certainly evolved.


A 30-minute documentary called Porn Star Diaries, featuring porn star Michelle Moist, was released by Sexstation in 2007. A lesbian scene with Nina Roberts and Bobbi Eden was later featured in the documentary, which followed British porn queen Michelle Moist as she interviewed a bunch of other British porn icons. Sexstation ceased broadcasting in 2014. However, it made a very brief comeback in 2018. Preeti and Priya, the hottest British porn twins in the UK, were featured on the newly revived Sexstation for nude and topless oil shows, but Sexstation didn’t quite have the same pull and attraction as it once had all those years ago. Was it a different era? Was it the format? Maybe it was the newly polished look?! After all, the original Sexstation had a raw amateur British porn feel that the Brits love so much, which might have been lost in the newly revived show.


The modern webcam industry owes a lot to Sexstation. I mean yeah it was a live television sex show. They didn’t invent the wheel but Sexstation was one of the first UK companies to introduce the ability for users to control a camera remotely. In 2008, Sexstation produced its own extreme X-Rated web series, with a combination of webcam, open leg pussy action and girl-on-girl pervcam. The babes on Sexstation were just as experienced, if not more so, than those on Babestation and Babecast. Let’s not forget it’s where Angel Long and Michelle Thorne made appearances. After leaving the air in 2011, Sexstation continued to promote itself as a web-only show until 2014, when it changed its name to Babestation Unleashed. Some of the hottest babes from Sexstation still work on the babeshows today and regularly appear across the Babestation platforms and products, such as BSX, Babestation Cams, Babestation24 and Babenation.

Behind the scenes with Milana. Who remembers Milana? She went by the name of Raxanna Milana who began her career on Sexstation and went on to start on Blue Kiss and Partyland. Here she is in a scene I found in my stash from 2008:  Milana classic Sexstation BTS

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