The winner of Babestation Daytime’s ‘babe of the month’ has been announced and the crown goes to curvy blonde beauty, Simone Jay!

Simone has only been at Babestation for a few weeks and yet she’s already snagged this much-coveted title. Nice one Simone! If your type is a sexy bubbly blonde with natural knockers and womanly curves then Simone ticks all those boxes. As well as being outrageously hot, this babe also knows how the hold a conversation. She’s sassy, enticing and hilariously funny whilst still oozing sex appeal. No wonder fans keep coming back for more.

I popped in to the studio recently to see how Simone was getting on as the newbie of the bunch and to ask her a few questions. Here’s what this lil stunner told me:

What’s your thing about being a Babestation babe?
I just love that I get to talk to new people on the phone every day. I’m so lucky! It’s so much fun!

If your friends could describe you, what would they say?
They’d say that I’m an adventurer and always on the lookout for fun. I’m the silly friend who’s always getting into trouble!

If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you take with you?
A good book, my dog and lots of pizza!

What are your hobbies?
I love going to the cinema to watch a good action film followed by a few cocktails in a swanky bar. But my favourite thing ever is the beach. I just love the water and I’d happily go to the seaside even when it’s freezing just so I can hear the waves and smell that salt water.

Simone’s got it all, guys! The looks. The body. The banter! Catch Simone Jay on Babestation Daytime on Sunday 29th April from 2pm-10pm & don’t forget to check out her Perv Cam!

There’s been a slight change to the BSX schedule tonight. Atlanta Moreno will now be performing a filthy solo show & it’s not to be missed!

Have a great weekend you horny lot!