If I asked you to name the iconic babes that have had a hand in turning Babestation into the glamour powerhouse it is today, one of those names will undoubtedly be Karina Currie.

This top class brunette beauty isn’t your typical Playboy blonde with hefty knockers – she’s a whole different sort altogether! First off, let me start by saying that Karina Currie is a lady! Classy, well-read, well-spoken and highly intelligent. She is also utterly filthy and makes no bones about seeking pleasure wherever she can, no matter how unconventional. Here’s a pic of Karina with former babeshow stunners Twinkle and Antonia.

Karina is a totally chameleon in this business which is probably why her career has spanned well over a decade. She can be sweet and innocent dressed as a college girl, or be corseted in latex, demanding you ‘get on your knees.’ She caters to her fans whims, kinks and fantasies with welcoming ease and will rarely say no to a naughty request, whether on PervCam or Babestation Cams.

This babe isn’t a one-trick-pony; she may have been in the adult industry since she was 23 but her scope and range is astounding. She’s been a domme, slave, glamour girl, porn star and even dabbled in a bit of adult photography. She has the energy and seduction technique of someone who knows this business through and through and this legend knows how to leave you feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Take a look at some of her raunchy clips:

Throughout her vastly impressive career, Karina has appeared in more adult shows and series’ than I’ve had hot dinners, including TVX, Sex Station, Playboy, FHM and countless others. She is greatly loved in this business by girls and fans and is always on hand to offer advice. It was actually Karina who gave me the opportunity to meet my idol, Charlie Brooker. I had been a fan of his since watching his show Screen Wipe, and one day Karina messaged me asking if I would like to appear in his show as she knew the agent. From there I went on to not only meet and chat with Charlie Brooker, but also land a role in his show. Granted, I was still playing a babeshow girl but it’s was mainstream, yo!!! I owe Karina a lot for that, and will be eternally grateful to her. I’ll be sure to give her a big snog next time I see her!

For those who have never had the pleasure of camming or speaking with this absolutely legend, I suggest you give yourself a treat and find out what you’ve been missing.

What better time to indulge yourself than THIS WEEKEND!!! Lucky for you, Karina will be making her highly anticipated comeback this Saturday 28th April! She’ll be doing a mix of Babestation Cams and Babestation on Sky channel 911 from 10pm! DO NOT MISS THIS! Things are gonna get seriously hot!!!