Babestation’s Summer Fox came to us from the USA and if you have seen any of her pervcam shows or listened to her cheap phone sex through the Babenation TV babe channels then you will know that America’s loss is our gain as Summer gives you the fully hardcore, open leg naked action both in her babe of the month gallery pics and in her videos.  If you want to see how dirty she can really be, check out her exclusive XXX rated content by becoming a VIP member today!

Here, Summer sits down with Babestation as we ask her the burning questions in this Babestation Babe of the Month interview:

Summer Fox naked, shows her ass and pussy

Babestation: How long have you been doing cams for? (including before BS)

Summer Fox: I have been doing webcam since 2013. i did do porn work in 2011 in the USA
Babestation: How would you describe one of your cam shows in 5 words?
Summer Fox: Filthy, naughty , saucy , sexy, adventurous.
Summer Fox reveals her tits from a pink bra
Babestation: How did you get started with BS Cams and what do you like about it compared to other cam sites?
Summer Fox: I got started on babestation because i heard amazing things about it and the flexibility in the studio was amazing as well. There’s no pressure with shift patterns or times you can pick what hours etc you want to go online. I like babestation cams better than other sites because  the connection is better, video quality, and the customers are always pleasant . Other sites have customers that can be a bit brutal with requests etc but on babestation you don’t get that many customers that are like that. I also like that on babestation you have the c2c option a lot of other sites don’t have this or have the system where people can tip you for you buzzes .
Babestation: What’s the strangest request you’ve ever had on cam?
Summer Fox: The strangest request i have had was to blow up balloons and sit on them to pop them. This individual had a balloon fetish and loved when i would sit, roll or lay on the balloons to pop them.
Summer Fox in black bodysuit
Babesation:  What’s your favourite type of show to perform on cam?
Summer Fox: I love to perform JOI with a countdown. I like to put on a little strip tease while i’m giving off instructions and making him edge a little bit along with a final countdown .
Babestation: What have you always wanted to try on a cam show but never had chance to do yet?
Summer Fox: I would say a small cock humiliation show with a cei ending. never found a man brave enough yet 😜
Summer Fox naked, legs open
Babestation: And finally, what message would you like to send to your fans:
Summer Fox: That i’m so grateful for everyone’s support throughout the years and i’m so blessed that all of my naughty fans have gone from the previous sites i was on to babestation.