Tiffany Chambers was born in Hartley, Kent and is one of the first ever stars of Babestation TV, starting in 2004. Tiffany has then been one of the most popular babes on the show and has been able to maintain that position for over a decade. Despite a short stint with a copy cat channel Tiffany Chambers remains a Babestation TV staple.

It’s true that Tiffany Chambers can be a handful for the Babestation TV compliance team; one night giving the compliance officer the finger. Tiffany Chambers ran the Scottish minx Amanda Rendall a close second for a while in that department!

As well as her brillant smile Tiffany Chambers has a strong personality that comes across well on screen.

Tiffany Chambers has 34DD assets and is a natural brunette, though she has gone through quite a few hairstyle changes. At one point she was a red head, as well as going full blonde for a while.

Any regular fan will know who Tiffany Chambers is, at one point a simple Google Image search for ‘sexy girls’ had Tiffany Chambers as the number 1 picture, making it not very difficult to find her all over the web.

This local British babe won the most Babestation Awards announced in 2012 for the 10th anniversary awards ceremony. These were:

The Babestation Best Dressed Babe of 2012 Award
The Babestation Worst Time Keeper of 2012 Award
The Babestation Night Time Babe of 2012 Award

Always popular with the other babes, Tiffany Chambers often joins with Babes such Levi in steamy girl on girl webcam sessions on Babestation Cams. If you want to try and have a webcam show with Tiffany Chambers. Join her for a private session on


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