Originally posted on Tumblr by @Babe_TV in March 2014, this blog takes a nostalgic dive into the live babe channels that graced Freeview during the memorable decade of the naughty noughties. It serves as a roundup of the old live babeshows, from the naughty night shows to the more demure babestation daytime. This post provides a concise glimpse into what happened and when, so, let’s take a trip down memory lane with the night time Freeview babeshows of the noughties, presented in chronological order.

Party People

March 2006 to August 2009.

Georgie Darby Babestation freeview 2000s

One of the classic scenes from Freeview’s original babeshows includes the familiar hole-punched board as a backdrop. A split-screen transmission featuring two popular cams models dominated the screen. One noteworthy appearance featured Lori Buckby and Lynsey Atkinson bidding farewell to the very last Party People night show.  A nostalgic reminder of Party People recalls the moment Babestation’s old-school model Jodie, went on to become half of Babestation’s first voice over and presenting duo in November 2009.

Party Girls

September 2008 to March 2009, and August 2009 to October 2009.

Party Girls earned such iconic cult status that Babestation attempted to resurrect it about five months after it stopped broadcasting. As the first genuine night show on Freeview, Party Girls introduced sections ranging from topless displays and nudity to simulated orgasms, and hardcore domination, similar to what you would see on nude cams. Despite the improved broadcast quality, the revival just didn’t capture the same energy, leading to its demise after two months. Rachel Cole, the petite babe with a pixie crop will forever hold a place in babeshow history for her role in Party Girls. Some of her old content can be found in the VIP members gallery.


From March 2009.

Babestation freeview Partyland Priya topless ass to camera

Partyland was probably the most unconventional Freeview babeshow with the most stringent restrictions on adult content. There was no british porn type action on this show. It kept things fresh by incorporating comical themes, text-in games and a voicemail-to-air “Chatback” service. This approach made a particular viewer, Martin from Fulham, one of the show’s most frequently heard voices in spring 2009. The show’s themes, like “Send in a photo of yourself with a potato,” reflected its tendency to poke fun at its own eagerness to broadcast more explicit language and visuals. Partyland stood out as an eye-catching babeshow, characterised by its total randomness. The main faces of Partyland included Camilla Jayne, Tiffany Chambers, Daryl Morgan and Alex Adams, who, in line with the program’s quirky approach, hilariously referred to each other as “Bob” and “Long Bob”.


From May 2009…

Not much can be said about Babestation other than having maintained their original values, focusing on communication between nude models and their horny fans. An old-school babe from that era was the gorgeous Megan Moore, a popular face in the noughties, often billed as a teen 18+. Other long-standing Babestation models at the time were Tara Lee, Donna Duke and Yvette Merriman. Many old school babes can still be found on live sex cams.

Babestation 2

From August 2009.

Babestation 2, Babestation’s more explicit Freeview channel, paved the way for bsx live in spring 2010. Classic images from 2009 include topless shows from curvy sex siren, Charlie C, and a rare appearance by Cate Harrington.

Bang Babes

From October 2009.

Bang babes holly james topless on freeview

Bang Babes, the second-to-last babeshow to join Freeview before the decade’s end, came just before the final addition – BS Xtra. It was distinctive for being the first Freeview babeshow without a sexting feature. Despite its technical glitches, Bang Babes compensated with more explicit visuals, ultimately leading to its removal from the airwaves. Many girls from Bang Babes went on to feature on studio66.

BS Xtra

From October 2009…

While not as out there as Partyland, the 2009 version of BS Xtra had its fair share of eccentric moments. As a text-based show, it unveiled some niche fantasies. The show thrived for a while, with thousands of texts flooding in each night. The show eventually transitioned into a regular phone sex show in 2010.

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