Forget The Oscars and all those other shite awards.  Tuesday 27th November was the night to be out in London, and Aura in Mayfair was the club lucky enough to be the host of the 2012 Babestation Awards, in association with Bondara and

It was a fantastic evening, despite the cold weather outside; in fact the freezing weather succeeded in having a very positive physical effect on the girls as they shivered and huddled through the door of the club in their most revealing outfits, their nipples standing up like fruit pastilles on top of giant jellies!

All this totty in one place! Only Babestation

The number of Babestation girls in attendance was really rather splendid, so special thanks go out to the girls for making the effort, without whom none of us would be here!

The venue was superb, and our thanks go out to Aura for providing such a plush and very up market club for the awards; only the best for our girls!  Cocktails named after some of the girls were available at the bar – have you ever tried a Lolly Badcock? – and there was also food available after the actual ceremony; an assortment of seafood, pasta and salad etc.  It all went off very well indeed and everything seemed paradoxically loose, yet timed to perfection.

There was plenty of time, when everyone had refilled their glasses and eaten something, to do a bit of partying and “mingling” however.  You can imagine what “mingling” means at a Babestation party I’m sure.

Everyone else who attended was well turned out in their very best dinner jackets, suits and ties etc; except for a few layabouts who shall remain nameless!  The ladies?  Well, to describe how wonderful they looked is simply impossible; words escape me, you’ll have to get your kicks from the pics as and when I post them over the next few days!

James from The UK Babe Channel Forum getting some special treatment!

Really, to see so many babes, both past and present from the show was quite an emotional experience for many of us; and for the rest of us it was just another chance to stare at their boobies all night.  Some of the producers had actually been getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing Dani O’Neal bouncing around for hours in front of them throughout the night!

Past and present. The lovely Lilly Roma and the charming Tiffany Chambers

Now I actually sound like I’m presenting an award now, so I’ll move onto the results voted for by you guys out there.  If you didn’t know about the voting, we put out a call on the blog a while ago and set up a page so that all the true Babestation fans could vote for their favourite girls.  If you missed it, then you’re a nob-head and it’s your own fault.  See if you agree with these results.

The Best Newcomer 2012

Gracie Lewis

Babestation Day Babe 2012

Cherri Hart

The Best Night Time Babe of 2012

Tiffany Chambers

Babestation Babe of the Decade

Paige Tyler

However, we did decide to have a few awards of our own for fun, that were not put to the public vote.

Babestation Producer 2012

Andrew Spooner

Worst Time Keeper 2012

Tiffany Chambers (although she did protest this was not true!)

Biggest Diva 2012

Preeti and Priya

Best Dressed 2012 

Tiffany Chambers

Best TV Moment

Amanda Rendall (you know what I’m talking about!)

All Round Superstar

Lolly Badcock

Miss Dani O’Neal

“we knew it was only right to recognise one of the most popular TV babes of all time”

But perhaps one of the most important awards of the evening has to go to the former First Lady of Babestation – Miss Dani O’Neal.  Even though she’s no longer with us at Babestation, and she onto pastures new, we knew it was only right to recognise one of the most popular TV babes of all time, and one of Babestation’s longest serving babes.

The Babestation Outstanding Contribution Award

Miss Dani O’Neal

Free Babestation picsDo you guys have anything to add?  We’re always keen to get your comments.  Tell us your thoughts on the voting and if they turned out the way you wanted them.  As always, comments in the box!


  1. well done babestation you deserve a great night all the girls should have got awards great choice paige and delighted for dani heres to the next 10 years

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