Even though Tiffany Chambers has been retired from Babestation for several years, her name still brings excitement to long-standing fans who fondly reminisce about times when Tiffany and her bestie, Dani O’Neal, would perform 2-4-1 girl-girl phone sections in the early days of Babestation TV.

Known as ‘The Face of Babestation’, Tiffany is one of the longest-serving Babestation A-listers. She was at the leading edge of the channels from the early days on Sky TV in 2004, right through the Freeview explosion, and into the ‘modern’ era.

Throughout the years, Tiffany Chambers created countless viral surges online and even made the number one slot on Google Images for the search term ‘sexy girls’, which is no easy feat! You may also be surprised to know that the sexy silhouette in the Babestation logo was actually modelled on Tiffany. With her hyper-feminine hourglass figure and almost cartoon-like hip to waist ratio, Tiffany was the perfect model to represent the brand.

If you thought that it was just Tiffany’s boobs and bum that attracted the attention of fans, think again. Tiffany Chambers had something that many girls, past and present, can sometimes lack; she had spunk – the energy and the mental stamina to really go the distance in a competitive field. It’s easy to shake your ass and talk dirty on the phone for a few nights, but it takes more than a pretty face and a hot nude body to stay relevant in the world of glamour and phone sex.

Tiffany’s energy was magnetic and people were drawn to her cheeky mischievous nature. An excerpt from the @BabeTV Tumblr perfectly describes why Tiffany’s popularity was unlike any other.

“Tiffany Chambers comes across a true free spirit, and whether that’s resulted in her competing with Amanda Rendall for page space in the Babestation Compliance Book (no mean task!), cutting her own hair in the middle of a show, or serving as the greatest ever advert for her beloved junk food; she’s always been the slightly crackers jack-in-the-box, who just happens to look like an angel.”

BabeTV hit the nail on the head. Tiffany Chambers was a cheeky extrovert of the best kind. Her sections along with her pals Dani O’Neal and Amanda Rendall will go down in history as the most iconic era of Babestation.

Excerpts from this article have been taken from BabeTV’s Tumblr, who’s talented writer is a long standing admirer of the babe shows.