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It was my first date with glamour model Tiffany Rose and we could barely keep our hands off each other in the bar. A few cocktails later and we were in a cab back to my place. As soon as we enter my apartment she walks straight to my bedroom and beckons me in.

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Tiffany Rose straddles me and I run my hands up her thighs and notice she isn’t wearing any panties. I plunge my fingers into her pussy as she reaches for my throbbing cock. She frees my dick from my trousers and slides her pussy onto it with full force. She bounced on my cock a few times before I ease my cock out of her tight wet pussy and tell Tiffany Rose to get on her knees. She spits on her fingers and rubs her saliva all over her tight little asshole. I ease my cock slowly into her warm, inviting ass and I feel myself being suctioned it. As I’m deep inside her we both let out a moan and I began to fuck her ass slowly. I’ve only ever seen anal sex this erotic in porn films and it feels amazing to be able to look down and watch my cock sliding in and out of Tiffany’s ass.

Tiffany Rose

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I pick up the speed and I begin to push my cock harder and deeper into her gaping asshole. I slam in and out of her butthole repeatedly until she’s screaming in ecstasy. She looks back at me and reaches under her pillow for something. I spot a dildo and she tells me she’s always wanted to try DP. I nearly shot my load there and then at the mere suggestion of double penetration. She grabs some lube whilst I’m still balls deep fucking her ass and she squirts it over the dildo, coating it evenly. “Before we try DP I want to do ATM”, Tiffany Rose says. She takes my dick in her mouth and proceeds to suck off all her ass juices. I nearly blew my load but I held off so I could save my cum shot for her ass. With my cock dripping in Tiffany’s spit, I plunge my cock back in her arse again which is now gaping and stretched from all the fucking. Tiffany Rose

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Tiffany Rose guides the dildo into her tight pussy and fucks herself vigorously as I anally fuck her. I spank Tiffany’s ass whilst I’m ramming her senseless and I can see her ass and pussy are nicely stretched out. I hear Tiffany gasping for breath and she tells me she’s going to cum.  Her body jolts with twitches as she climaxes and I feel her arse clenching around the shaft of my cock. The sensation and sight of both of Tiffany’s holes being fucked is enough to make me pump my hot load deep inside her ass. We then lay there exhausted and out of breath as the anal creampie dribbles out of Tiffany’s gaping ass.

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