This is just a quick post to let you know that as well as being able to get Babestation X on a two day trial, you can also get Babestation on the same trial…

We’ve been so busy promoting the live shows on Babestation X and the opportunities for you all to get two day’s access for £1.50, that we haven’t really told you that the same offer applies on our member site!  You can get two days trial which includes your membership to Babestation X too!  So it’s a good idea to:

  • Sign up with us for two days
  • Get all your Babestation content
  • Get all your Babestation X content and live shows
  • All for £1.50
Babestation memberships just got a whole lot more interesting

That’s got to be the best Babestation deal you’ve ever seen right?  This is how we treat our members.  Those who had already signed up for BabestationTV membership ages ago, have suddenly just received access to Babestation X for FREE!  These members don’t have to go and pay for live show TV PIN codes any more either, if they want to watch Babestation X on Freeview; they’re now free too.

Remember that with Babestation X you get access to the Sexstation Unleashed live boy – girl sex shows every Wednesday too.  This Wednesday it’s Hannah Shaw and Kane “The Tank” Turner!

With the BabestationTV membership you pretty much get content from all of our sites for just one price, and lots of live shows!  What’s not to like?

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