It’s Wednesday and the training is off to a good start…

We have the following girls booked in for training, so we hope you be able to join them when you get time later on between 4-6pm.  Remember that it’s a much cheaper rate to call the girls who are in training, but they need as much experience as possible guys!

  • Keeley
  • Rebecca
  • Abbey
  • Souhailia

Hope you’re enjoying the training of these girls as much as they are.  We’ve been told that they’re ever so eager to please and get really popular, but the only way they’re going to achieve this is if you go along to the show and watch them; if you like them, give them a call, it’s not expensive!

Keep your eyes on this talent boys, you never know if they’ll end up on the later live shows.

Kimberley on Babestation Academy tonight

That brings us around neatly top the aforementioned.  Scheduled for tonight, all being well of course, we have Academy favourites Kimberley Jones and the delightful Jessie Jenkins.  You must see these two in action guys, you’re not going to want to miss them.

Babestation Academy – Making sure the next lot are just as good!