One of the earliest babeshows was Babecast, which followed the initial success of Babestation. It was launched in 2003 and brought a slew of brand-new, extremely hot talent with it. Some of the Babecast babes went on to become really big names that we still recognize from their appearances on the UK babe channels today.

Babecast On Friendly TV

Babecast first began on Friendly TV around the same time of year that “The Nicole Kidman incident” received a lot of attention in the papers. Presenters Paul Lavers and Karen Witchalls took a break after conducting a text poll about Nicole Kidman’s perceived lesbian status and after inviting viewers to text in their thoughts on the morning show, the camera simply zoomed in on the text screen. (Which, lacked pricing). During the break, the presenters sadly neglected to turn off their microphones. As a result, they ended the segment live on air while discussing their individual perspectives regarding Nicole Kidman’s alleged lesbian status!

Despite the fact that the incident was unintentional, there was a lot of coverage of it in the national press, which helped the channel gain viewers. Friendly TV delivered on its promise. You fall in love with them even more when they are fun, friendly, and (even unintentionally) real. Babecast was created against this background.

UK Babe Channel, Babecast The Early Days

UK Babe Channel
Babecast Recruiting poster

Among all the UK babe channels, including Red Light Central and S66, what made Babecast stand out was that it initially featured hot talent which it recruited from babes featured in the Daily Sport. Again, we’re going all the way back to Page 3 and The Sport girls, when you could only ever see these pretty girls in pictures. You could now watch these truly outstanding models live on a babeshow and even have a live conversation with your favorite topless model.

UK Babe Channel
Ella Jolie

It was babeshow legend David Sullivan himself who selected top babes to star in the show prior to its debut. The many of them had at least one thing in common, a pair of more than ample bosoms. Producers had no idea who would be on screen until a few days before the first show started. Typically, prior to the launch of a UK babe channel, there is extensive preparation, briefing, and in-depth discussion about the babes’ compliance requirements with regard to what they can and cannot legally do on screen. However, because of the “celebrity status” of the first Babecast babes, everything happened at the last minute, and in some cases, it may not have happened at all!

The first nights of Babecast were a wild ride with a lot of unrestrained energy. Naturally, viewers found this to be quite exciting! Girls could kiss, use their tongues use props like bananas and squirty cream, and have full-on phone sex. The action was often fun and lewd. A lot of the time, girls were spanked one on one until their bottoms turned red.

The original “heavy curtain set” of Babecast was also well-known. It stood out because of its distinctive appearance. Dionne Mendez‘s show reel is shown in this clip from a little while later. After a short while, in the early mornings, Babecast also broadcast live babes from Prague. This brought beautiful girls from Eastern Europe to many people’s screens for the first time.

UK Babe Channel

Babecast and UK Babe Channel Babes

Some of these former babestation girls and babeshow names might surprise you, while others might send you back in time: Caty Cole, who made her debut on Babecast, before working on Studio 66 then came back to Babestation.  You can watch Caty’s first ever interview for Babestation.  Or if you prefer something more recent, check out this Caty Cole interviewKarina Currie, the British pornstar who would also appear on sexstation, rampant tv as well as pretty much every UK babe channel that ever was.  She also authored an exclusive series of audio porn stories, some of which can be listen to here.  Holly James, Jane Smyth, Talulah Thomas, Vikki Valentine Camilla, Candy (Kandi Kay), Sky, Sammi Rhodes, Carmen and Gemma, Dionne, Jennifer Keelings, Donna Duke, Sahara Shakur, Heavenly, Adora, Jemma Jey, Freya, Tara, Raven,Morgan, Denni Tayla, Reede Fox and Emily Dean.  Check out these reviews of the early babecast performances from the babes in this Babeshow Forum Thread.

Babecast Raisings Pulses, Eyebrows and More!

Babecast was also courageous and a pioneer among the UK babe channels in many ways. However, Babecast quickly and repeatedly drew the attention of OFCOM due to all of this and some really well-known babes, including Linsey Dawn McKenzie at the time.

Ofcom stated, for instance, in their 2008 Bulletin that “the presenters, dressed in very revealing underwear and appeared to simulate various sex acts between 21.00 and 22.30.” It is our opinion that the combination of the images shown and the presenters’ actions amounted to highly sexualized content, whether real or not. The “babes” thrust their buttocks towards the camera, opened their legs wide apart to emphasize their crotches, and the presenters in general were shot in a way that physically interfered with them.”

Babecast ultimately suffered as a result of this. Later, the Babecast channel was briefly extended with Sex Tv. However, this was eventually incorporated into the Babestation brands as well.

Babecast vs Babestation Party Poster

The last time we know that Babestation and Babecast were seen associating with each other was at a fantastic party in March 2008 at the Café de Paris in London. Despite this however, Babecast remains a reminder of the history of the Babe Channel even today. one of the first and best of its kind.