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Brookie Little grew up in Surrey, but now she's a Bristol girl; we're sure there's a gag there pertaining to those big boobs, but we won't push our luck! She is quite literally the girl next door who loves to do all the regular "girly" stuff like shopping etc, but she's gone a little bad. Her ability to look innocent and then filthy has made her a very popular Babestation asset; that of course and her natural big tits!

Her early modelling career led her neatly into Brookie Little Onlyfans, webcamming and working on the babe channels, and she has gradually worked her way up to becoming Brookie Little Babestation babe, where she now works on nights, getting Brookie Little naked on Babestation X and Babestation Cams; she doesn't however have any aspirations to move any further into Brookie Little porn than her solo shows. Though she does show off her Brookie Little blowjob technique in filthy videos.

Sex and the ideal man

Brookie Little model has a tendency to appreciate the tall, dark and handsome types more than anything. She likes the idea of the "whole package" too, as she says in her sweetest voice. The attractive, witty, highly sexed guy with the good job and regular pay packet is the type, but says they "don't come around very often!" She eventually wants to have a family and be "the mother that stays home and looks after the kids" Imagine having those big tits and that pretty face to come home to after work!

As far as sex is concerned Brookie Little nude likes her men to take control. She's naturally submissive and doesn't mind it a bit rough at times. She can also be a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to sex, and confesses to doing it during the day on her balcony of all places!

Top Tips

Brookie Little xxx doesn't demand much from her callers; only that they talk back. She has much more fun when she can fully interact with the guy on the line. Guy's that "get into it" are Brookie's personal favourites, so use these notes fellas and get on the phones!

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Brookie Little Babestation in red pvc skirt and top with tube top pulled down showing breasts