Some people are tit men some people are bum men but Red Light Central had tits and arse for everyone. It was a hard choice to choose just 5 of the top bums on Red Light Central.

On the babeshow forum, fans voted on which they preferred:

Arse for me, It’s great to look at, and you can never get spotted by her when you’re having a look! Nothing better than seeing a bird walking down the street with a lovely arse.

I have always liked the derrière i hope that is spelt correctly lol 

Defo gotta be the arse…always puts a smile on my face when I see a really pert arse…

1 – Delia Rose

red light central

The gorgeous Deliah Rose has the peachiest bum she made her live babeshow debut on the 14th September 2013 on red Light central (RLC) daytime show red light lounge. Deliah quickly became a regular on the shows sending the forum commentators into a frenzy:

Delia Rose @deliarosee1My arse has a mind of it’s own love you maaan x

@deliarosee1 It bounced & shook so many ways I didn’t know which to tweet, it really does , you asked & I delivered, love you too hun 


…and appreciation from the babeshows viewers:

RE: Delia Rose – Chat & Discussion

Delia bent over the desk butt naked, ass cheeks spread & wearing nothing but sexy black fishnet stockings – doesn’t get any better 

RE: Delia Rose – Chat & Discussion

Another very good show from Delia she looked outstanding in her outfits and as usual she was full of energy and enthusiasm, she really does have a cracking bum.

When not in the studio working Delia likes to keep active.   In her spare time Delia likes to keep active, she says: “I just can’t sit still, It’s like I’ve got ants in my pants. If I’m not at the gym or riding my horse, I’ll be dancing around my front room or going for a walk. I have so much excess energy. Although I find the best way to relieve excess energy is sex!”

4 – Priya Young

red light central
Red Light Central, Babestation and S66-chat performer, Priya Young‘s booty shake could set off an earthquake. Romez commented
She might have, possibly the greatest ass, I’ve ever seen. It’s so big and juicy, I just love the way it jiggles.

On her personal website Priya shared some details and her likes and dislikes:

  • Ethnicity: Indian & Irish
  • Lives: London, UK
  • Stats: 32FF – 30 – 32
  • Dress Size: Size 6-8 UK
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Favourite Colour: OMG love anything Purple
  • Favourite Food: Italian or Japanese
  • Favourite Animals: Love Dogs and Blake when he’s behaving…!
  • Favourite Movie: Easy going with movies but love comedies.
  • Favourite Drink: Daiquiri.
  • Favourite Position: Cowgirl
  • Turn Ons: Flirting, a guy who can make me laugh, kissing, oral, passion
  • Turn Offs: Arrogance, bad breath!
  • Naughtiest Place I’ve Had Sex: In a nightclub bathroom
  • Fantasy: Role playing

3 – Ani James

red light central

Ani James started working on the babeshows at TVX call girls after a career in glamour modeling.  Then at red light central Studio 66 her peachy bum got its own nickname the anibum. ANi used to post onto the babeshow forum regulary to her babe fans:

Now all you need to ask for is an oiled up Anibum show.. It’s been very grumpy been sat on on the day shows. I feel it may be like an angry wild Animal when released. Free the Anibum!!! Bounce
Big kiss xxx
On the Red Light nightshows Fans raved about her performances

Ani was sensational last night!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was fantastic from start to finish showing what a fantastic show she can do when she’s a main babe,

she was her fantastic energetic self on the beds and of course there was lots of ani with a tiny thong wiggling the anibum at the camera, of course there was lots of naked ani as well and nothing can beat a naked ani drenched in oil wiggling the anibumBig Grinrlc please have ani as a main nightbabe again soon please!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2017 Ani was interviewed

Have you ever worked on any other babe channels?
Over the years I’ve worked at House babe live, Babestar, Babeworld, TVX call girls and Red Light Central.

What’s your favourite sexual position?
I love reverse cowgirl

Do you prefer sex Indoors or outdoors?
Indoors, it’s far more comfortable

Where is the most unusual place you’ve had sex?
The queens box at the royal opera house

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
To have a dirty weekend away and roleplay as boss/secretary

Favourite outfit?
Definitely a figure hugging catsuit

4 – Tori Lee

Tori Lee has been a babeshow favourite since she made her debut back on Bang Babes. Her pert bum was a stand out feature. One the earliest highlights of her babeshow career was when she appeared wearing see thru undies and one fan commented:
NOBODY can shake a booty like Tori,that’s one peach i’d like too squeeze
When asked what her aspirations are for the future, she simply says: “to work hard, make lots of money, get naked… and to wank off the nation!” You can’t argue with that!!

5 – Ruby Summers

red light central
Ruby Summers is from Ascot, UK. She made her modeling debut in 2012 . Ruby started on Babeworld and then onto  the small independent channel Live960 under the name Dannie Low in 2010 before it was taken over by Bluebird. But it was at Red Light central that Ruby entered the top flight of the babeshow babes.  Here’s what the babeshows forums said:

Aside from her wonderful natural figure, the thing that stood out for me was how confident and poised Ruby looked throughout.

Not a hint of nerves, no silly “hand bras”, etc.

Really great show and a really great performer – now you don’t see that very often these days, do you?

Ruby even got to appear in a music video which showed off her beautiful booty and body.
Ruby had a longer career on the babeshows, with Babestation, S66cams as well as camming with glamour stars live and adultwork. Ruby even wnet harder and appeared on babestation encrypted show BSX as well appearing on the web show BabeX.

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We’d love to know your thoughts on this list.  What would you do differently?  Let us know in the comments!

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