Take a step back in time to the olden days of Babestation’s live babeshows with @babe_tv and their blog, originally posted on 22nd September 2014.  In it they describe specific highlights and situations, lesser seen up until that time and even less likely to happen now.  Including babes and babe channels of a by-gone era, before the days of Studio 66, Red Light Central and Xpanded.  Enjoy!


live babeshows

What a fabulously striking image, Mistress Yvette introducing a hardcore Party Girls domination section, but most unusually, on the set of daytime show The Chat. The Chat was situated right beside Party Girls in the same studio, but this is the only time I’m aware of when Party Girls actually invaded the daytime set, with its distinctive white, as opposed to black background, for live transmission. I think Party Girls did subsequently borrow The Chat’s 3G desk for a night when it first arrived, but they only used it on their own set.

Even though Yvette was in a crushingly tough mood and clearly dressed and minded to intimidate, she looked very attractive. I’ve always loved facial close-ups from the babe channels, but, even though I’m not exactly sure why, the appeal of this one is, for me, hard to beat. On this night (20th to 21st January 2009), Yvette and Dani O’Neal broke the Party Girls record for text requests sent to the show by viewers. As far as I’m aware, the record was never beaten. There’s more domination and more of Yvette in the Babeshow Mistresses post.


The positively ancient lift at the old Sexstation studios was extensively used for shooting download photographs of the Partyland babes, but I waited a long time to get a video recording of an actual live section shot in there. The opportunity finally came just over three months into the Partyland series on a very warm but wet Friday 26th June 2009, and as far as I know this was the only time the setting was used on Freeview. They started by shooting the approach and entry to the lift, which in itself was fascinating. The model was of course Reede Fox, and what an aesthetic explosion the sequence was, with an amazingly dark and Gothic atmosphere that perfectly suited Reede’s image.

live babeshows


I’ve covered the very first BS Xtra broadcasts already, but I haven’t yet properly documented the ‘re-launched’ version of the text only show. This was the only live babeshow broadcast on Freeview to deliberately omit a telephone number from the graphics throughout the whole programme.

To clarify the history (brace yourself), the original, text only version of BS Xtra lasted just seven nights, from 27-28 Oct ’09 to 2-3 Nov ’09. The original show did have a phone sex number on screen, but the number only accessed the other three BS channels (all streamed live to insets on the right of the screen), via options 1, 2 or 3. The ‘unusual’ factor is provided by the two BS producers shifting a motorbike, whilst Reede Fox presents. These normally concealed sequences were seen by viewers because the changeover slideshows could not be implemented on the mini streams.

The second version of BS Xtra was essentially a standard adult phone chat night show with a small amount of text chat added in. The second version thus did have a direct contact number, and it too lasted just a week, until 9-10 Nov.  Also unusual, was Geri at this time was a backstage voice over presenter and had only gone onscreen to take calls as a one-off due to a chronic staff shortage. The cheap phone sex number in use here is different from that in the original version – it’s actually the one which had previously been used on the Party Girls revival show.

Then, on the night of 10th to 11th November 2009, BS Xtra Mk.III was launched. Whilst, like the original version of the live babeshow, Mk.III was text only, it didn’t feature any telephone contact number, and instead it just said TEXT THE SHOW! where the number would have been positioned in the graphics.  Also the original show’s BS1, BS2 and Partyland live streaming insets had been replaced by one live overseas 3G stream, and regular BS adverts from the time. BS Xtra Mk.III lasted a whopping three weeks until 1st December 2009, at which point the direct phone number was re-introduced and the show moved into a four-month phase during which texting was progressively eliminated.

Even within the basic versions Mk.1, Mk.II and Mk.III there were subdivisions with small updates to the graphics. Mk.IV (1st to 2nd December 2009) looking different again, with Dionne Mendez and Alex Adams presenting, and a full-sidebar messaging promo on the right of the screen. This design was updated after literally one night! The following night’s show (2nd to 3rd December) is seen above right. The calls-and-presenting-on-the-same-couch situation went on until around Christmas 2009 (producing some hilarious moments), after which Xtra became much more of a regular phone chat show, often naked or girl on girl. The screen design had, by then, settled into something looking very much like Mk.II, with a pop-up text box in the graphics for use as and when.


With the length of the post in danger of spiraling out of control, here’s a compilation of quickies… 1) Jemma Buckley presenting Channel 37’s ‘dating’ ad, which appeared regularly in the Party People interval at around 05:29 during the late noughties. The choice of Jemma B for this ad was interesting as she wasn’t a live babeshow babe – she was a presenter on Cellcast’s ‘psychic’ programmes. 2) Bambi flashing her legs beside Charlie McDonagh on The Chat. The Chat protested that it wasn’t a babeshow, but there were regular moments of surreptitious sexuality. Examples as blatant as this were unusual though. 3) Freeview sections shot in a toilet have, unsurprisingly, been most uncommon. This rare example, from the Party Girls revival series, features Lori Buckby.


Asian Connections is unusual in that it’s broadcast on terrestrial UK television, but not transmitted from the UK. It’s a real Asian programme, transmitted from Thailand and featuring genuine Asian babes. It went live on Freeview from April 2014, staggered across two channels, as follows…

Channel 176 (Blue): 04:00 to 05:00
Channel 177 (Babestation): 05:00 to 06:00.

Despite some of Asian Connections’ Freeview transmission falling into night live babeshow hours in the UK, this period is the middle of the day in the show’s home country, and the content is strictly daytime compatible. That includes the phone conversation and the ‘text chat’.  On 19th April 2014 – shortly after the series went live on Freeview. [UPDATE, October 2014: As part of a full graphics makeover, the original terms have now been substituted for non-specific terms, which no longer stress that the chat is ‘daytime’ only. Accordingly, I can no longer say what the status of the chat is. “Live From Thailand” has also been removed from the screen display.]