Red Light Central is a legend amongst the babe channels.  It started broadcasting at the end of 2010 and ran until 2015. Many famous and glamorous babes appeared on the RLC live babeshows.

Each Year the members of the babeshow forum voted for their favourite babe of various channels and we thought it would be interesting to look back at the Red Light Central Queens 

The first year was 2011 and after a fierce competition Winsaw was proud to announce:

“after a top competition with a hell of a lot of you taking part(thanks) the time has come to crown the first Queen of RLC, and with two thirds of the vote in the final arise”

2011 Queen Dannii Harwood

Dannii Harwood is of course a babeshow icon starting out on Bang Babes were her partnership with Lucy Zara earned to sobrequet Zarwood. When Zarwood was in action the rest of the Sky babe channels all went quiet.

Red light Central

Danni Harwood was a true babeshow Queen able to project the magic into the camera as well as keep the horny callers to attention.

Following the demise of Bang Babes Dannii moved to Red Light Central where she continued to dominate the babe channels.  In 2011 she was voted the first ‘Queen of Red Light Central.’

Following Red Light Central coming off of TV Dannii moved to Babestation where she again proved very popular. Before she decided to retire and concentrate on her OnlyFans career it’s said that Danni became the UK’s first OnlyFans millionaire.

2012 Queen Jennifer Jade
Jennifer Jade is another babe that needs no introduction, starting out as a daytime babe in May 2011 on Red Light Lounge. Jennifer had a successful career as a glamour model and porn star , appearing in movies for companies such as brazzers.   Hailing from Middlesex in the UK, this silver-tongued glamour model is one of the smoothest talkers in the business. Her phone sex kept the Red Light callers listening and wanking night after night. 
Red Light Central
She quickly grabbed the babeshow fan’s attention. Jennifer was so popular in the daytime that the station kept her on running into the night shows.
Babeshow fans used to go crazy seeing Jennifer dressed as super sexy secretary bent over an office desk with her beautiful ass in the air. The sets at Red Light Central were the best that the babeshows have ever scene and there was an airline set if only all airlines had hostesses like Jennifer.  Following Red Light’s demise Jennifer had a short stint at babestation but never settled in and instead found a new home at Studio 66 TV (S66cams as it is now known)
2013  Queen Yasmine James
An underrated babe and perhaps a surprising winner of the Queen of Red Light Central 2013 given the stiff competition from all the rest of the Red Light Babes.  But Yasmine won the vote with 2/3rds of the vote even Donald Trump couldn’t contest that.
Red Light Central
First off a big thanks to all who have voted in this years contest now its time to name this years new royalty, and with just short of 2/3 of the vote in the final arise:
Rex master wrote a fitting tribute:

Welcome our New Queen Yasmine James… Congrats…

Well Done.. All that Dirty talk Ass Shaking Sexy outfits Sexy High Heels and gorgeous Smile has payed off… Well done..

Now the time begins to defend that legacy…. The New Year is upon us..

May 2014 bring out even a Better Darker and Dirtier side to Queen Yasmine James..
More Sexy outfits and Sexy Ass Shaking is all we need to enjoy the cummin year..

Good Job

2014 Queen Electra
Before Electra became Queen Electra she was Princess Electra – Ultimate Dayshow Babe 2013 & 2014, Newcomer of the Year 2013. Electra certainly took the babeshow world by storm in 2013.
Electra’s desire to be a glamour glamour started when she was just 13 years and would steal her brothers Playboy magazines. She would spend hours gazing at the glossy photos of the glamorous women and was determined to be like them one day. Her parents brushed it of as “just a phase” but as soon as Electra finished college, she kept true to her word and landed a prestigious photoshoot with FHM magazine. After that, the shoots kept rolling in and Electra became the glamour princess that she always dreamed of.
Following Red Light central Electra went on to join babestation were she had a long and successful career alongside such daytime queens as Hannah Clayden and Rochelle Ryan. Electra then decided to take some time out of her babeshow career. But surprised the babe channels by returning to Studio66 TV (S66chat) in 2020 it was the surprise of the year. But a very popular surprise and Electra was voted the Studio66 daytime babe of the year. 
Though Red Light continued as a web only show for another few years its best days were behind it. 
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