Duelling Wands (ft. Irish Essie & Tamsin Riley)

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Want a tutorial on how to pleasure a babe? Then this is the video for you! Irish Essie and Tamsin Riley discuss what they like in the bedroom, how they like to be touched and the importance of pleasing your girl. The self proclaimed Pillow Princess Irish Essie explains her love of vibrators and how they enhance her experience in the bedroom, holding on to Irish Essie pussy is a guaranteed way to make her cum, with Tamsin Riley whipping out her massive vibrator and recounting a story of how 'someone' managed to fit the head into Tamsin Riley's pussy. Which is an impressive feat once you see the size of that thing! They soon put all this preamble aside to enter a cumming race, as they both get their vibrators out and race to see who can cum first! This is my personal favourite bit. Who wins? The mature, BBW blonde with a big ass? Or the younger babe with small tits and a big toy? You're going to have to watch to see who wins, but whatever the result, you're the winner! As well as Mr.P, who makes a cheeky little appearance in the video.

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