Good morrow my fine fellows

Monday saw the sexy Charley Green kicking off ‘big tit week’ and now it’s time for the next gorgeous babe with humongous hooters. Today’s choice should come as no surprise as you have probably seen her shaking her thing on the night shows and causing quite a stir…in your pants. I don’t know about you but when I think of gigantic knockers my mind goes straight to Danni Levy.

The sexy Essex babe with a heart of gold has been a regular fixture on Babestation for the past 5 years and her popularity shows no sign of waning. Her waist length brunette hair and plump, pouty lips are a striking sight and it’s impossible not to stare at her impressive chest. To get her desired Jessica Rabbit look, Danni has undergone two
breast enhancement operations and I think we can all agree, she got a fantastic result.

For those who are wanting a shy ‘girl next door’ type then Danni is not for you. If you are after a fun, boisterous lass with a hysterical sense of humor and an incredibly fine ass then Danni’s your girl! It’s easy to look at Danni and think she’d be arrogant or standoffish because let’s face it, a lot of stunning women are, but Danni couldn’t be more different. She a sexual dynamo on the phones and revels in making new callers feel comfortable and at ease with her no nonsense, down to earth chat. When it’s time to move on to sex chat, Danni will floor you with her seductive and highly descriptive stories that will have you pulsating in all the right places.

Seriously guys, the next time you see Danni shaking those boobs on screen, get on the blower and get ready to have your mind blown! It’s certainly not the only thing she’ll blow ; )

If you missed my first blog for big tit week featuring Charley Green, it can be found here:


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