Happy Monday folks : )  I hope everyone had a frisky weekend. My weekend was rather lazy apart from the Sunday where I ventured out to lunch which turned out to be a fucking disaster!

I went to a place in Worcester called Wildwood Kitchen that looked like it was trying to be Carluccio’s but their pasta sounded pretty tasty so I thought I’d try it. I decided to go for the spinach and courgette rigatoni which was served in a white wine and garlic sauce. Sounds tasty right? WRONG!

After 45 minuted a gormless waiter brings me out some bloated rigatoni in what can only be described as a murky water bath. I told the waitress I couldn’t eat that shit (I was a lot more polite btw) and she told me the “sauce” looks like that because the chefs cook it in a vegetable stock. She actually dealt with my complaint pretty well and took it off the bill but I’m still baffled as to who in their right mind thinks it’s cool to serve pasta in a pool of seasoned water?! Needless to say, I shall not be returning! I did manage to salvage the day by later ordering a decent saucy pasta from my local Italian so crisis averted. Phew!

Anyway, vent over! I thought I’d do something a little interesting this week. I have decided to dedicate this entire week to the busty Babestation babes who fill out their dresses like no other. I call it Big Tit Week!!!

To kick off big tit week who better to feature than the stunningly sexy Charley Green; the all natural curvaceous blonde with cracking knockers. Charley has been appearing on the babe channels for the past 5 years and has made a huge impact in that time. Her energetic and cheeky personality has attracted thousands of adoring fans and she just oozes sex appeal.

You may have previously seen her flaunting her goodies on Babestation Daytime where her tits would often be spilling out of the top of her dress, enticing the viewers. After being told she was too raunchy for Daytime she decided to made the switch to the night time shows where she slotted right in. You can see how comfortable she is letting her glorious cans hang out.

If you’ve not yet had the chance to speak to Charley then you need to sort it out because this girl has some insane phone sex skills. It’s all too easy to get lost in her erotic chat and hypnotic moves. Before you know it, you’re a sweaty, exhausted mess, covered in your own splooge.

Trust me! This girl may be new to the night shows but she knows exactly how to take care of your needs. Tune in to watch her on Babestation.

See you soon guys,

Reede xxx

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