Buxom babe channel babe Alex Le Tissier has fallen out with father-in-law and ex England footballer Matt Le Tissier over joining OnlyFans

No doubt you football fans out there know who Southampton football legend Matt Le Tissier is. He has been selling personalised videos via video sharing websites. However, he’s not the only well-known face in the family, he also has a rather famous daughter-in-law – who just so happens to be the sexy OnlyFans content creator and Babestation model, Alex Le Tissier.

Alex Le Tissier

After the pandemic hit, Alex and her husband Mitch started offering exclusive XXX pic and video content to paying subscribers on Onlyfans. 30-year-old model Alex, who has four kids with Mitch, initially decided to launch a glamour career to help with the rising cost of living. Alex set up her Onlyfans account with the full support of her husband and it wasn’t long before she was raking in the cash. She even made 3k in her first month without even trying.

You can subscribe to Alex Le Tissier’s Onlyfans by paying £4-a-month which will allow you access to all of her hottest explicit content. She isn’t shy about stripping topless or nude so you’ll be in for a real treat when you sign up. When you first land on her page, you’ll notice that her profile reads:

“Hey it’s Alex Le Tissier! This website literally changed my life and I love having fun on here and getting to know you…You can message me all day and night and I’ll reply to every single message. You can pay monthly for my number and much more.”

Alex Le Tissier

A lot of models enter the babeshow industry before joining Onlyfans but Alex did it the other way round. She joined Onlyfans first and then started appearing on Babestation shortly after. Curvy brunette Alex Le Tissier proved to be a big hit on Babestation and she is now one of the most popular babes. She mainly appears on Babestation Daytime but she has been known to pop up on the night show where she loves to get naughty and have hot  phonesex with her callers. Speaking on her choice of career, Alex said:

“My work as a Babestation TV presenter and model is very important to me. When I started at Babestation I made it clear to the staff and customers I don’t want to fade into the background. I don’t want to just clock in and out. I want to be well known. I want to be one of the models you think about when you hear Babestation. I loved getting Babe of the Month In January because it shows they noticed that work ethic within me. And I work hard there.”

“Being a content creator on my OnlyFans is nice because I can control the narrative. After working with professional pornstars I can see and appreciate that a lot now. My favourite thing about my career is the shows we put on, the atmosphere around us and the money of course.”

Alex Le Tissier

However, it’s not all roses and rainbows. Mitch said It’s been over a year since he’s spoken to his famous dad or his stepmum, claiming it all stemmed from Alex’s decision to join Onlyfans. He said:

“They didn’t take it well. I expected them to disagree with our decision but I would have hoped they were open-minded enough to accept it was ours to make. I’ve heard nothing from my dad since he sent me a message about Alex joining OnlyFans. It’s upsetting.”

Well you can’t please everyone unfortunately. All we can do is do what makes us happy. Why not see first how just how wild Alex can be.

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