For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Anna Shapiro – believe me, you’re about to become acquainted! This Russian powerhouse has been causing one heck of a stir of late with her high profile relationships and an alleged connection to Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Yeah, yeah, I know how this sounds. Just go with it!

Anna Shapiro

Blonde starlet Anna, originally from Moscow, Russia, started out like many other babes in this business – by shooting saucy lingerie pics, appearing in lads mags and attending glitzy parties – but that’s where the similarity to other glamour models ends. Anna ran in more powerful circles than your average page 3 babe and if the latest tabloid drama has anything to go by, she’s either bitten off more than she can chew or she has one heck of an imagination. Either way, it’s pretty exciting – and could well be the plot for the next Bond film. She’d certainly make an awesome Bond girl!

Anyhoo, back to the tabloids – To sum it up – Anna and her husband, Alex King were recently dining at a pizza place in Salisbury when the couple suddenly felt ill, Anna’s husband excused himself from the table to nip to the loo but after being gone an unusually long time, she starts getting worried and went to check on him. It was then she discovered Alex  in the toilet cubicle unresponsive and “foaming at the mouth.” Anna was obviously shaken up and immediately called an ambulance.

Anna Shapiro

Since the incident Anna has made some pretty wild claims – something along the lines of poisoning. And I ain’t talking food poisoning! Anna has alleged that she and her husband were targeted by Russian assassins. I’m paraphrasing here but she basically came out with something along the lines of ‘the Russian’s think I’m a spy.’

Anna Shapiro

I told you this story was out there – But in all honesty, who gives a rats ass about who believes what?! We’re lovers, not fighters. We’re here to bring you sexual gratification, the best tits, the best asses, and the hottest babes on the planet – regardless of the wacky stories they come out with – which is why we are bringing you Anna Shapiro’s FIRST EVER PORN SCENE!!! I’m talking EXCLUSIVE! One of a kind! This has never been seen anywhere! Totally new boy/girl filth to feast your eyes on with the babe of the moment. Here’s a sneak peek:

AnnaMiss Shapiro

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