Here’s a blog discussing the early days of babestation daytime, initially shared by @Babe_TV on their Tumblr account in November 2013. Although the original account is no longer accessible as it has been deleted, we have many detailed posts from this excellent blogger.

Daytime babeshows have witnessed substantial transformations in recent years, and an unexpected change stands out. Archived gallery images display the Babestation Daytime graphics; however, they originate from the 2010 Freeview show, Babestation 99 (sourced from the Sky show Babestation 2). Despite Babestation 99 airing on Freeview at 10pm and not being a daytime show, it occasionally exhibited the Babestation Daytime graphics, mistakenly carried over from previous broadcasts. A telling clue to this error is apparent in the models’ names in the top right corner of each frame.

danni levy babestation daytime
Danni Levy

The original blogger recorded a bunch of babeshow shorts in order to capture stills to use in their blogs. Lots of these pictures have sadly been lost. However, lots of vintage babeshow video footage as well as current content can be found in the VIP members area. Explore hardcore british porn featuring trending live babeshow models and former studio66 girls. 

In early 2010, Kandi Kay had recently made a comeback after a hiatus from the babe channels. She was initially introduced to the Freeview babeshows as one of the original Partyland girls, appearing on that show from March to July 2009 under the name Candy. Before joining Partyland, Candy had been part of the Sky channels as a Babecast/Sexstation girl. Viewers couldn’t get enough of curvy Kandi and her natural big tits and Scouse charm. She had exceptional banter on the mic and her cheap phone sex segments on the babeshows landed her at the top of the leaderboard.

She made a comeback to Cellcast Freeview shows in December 2009, joining Babestation daytime. However, around the same time, former Bang Babe Candy Sexton (also known as Candy) had transitioned to Babestation as well. This posed the possibility of two girls with similar names working on the same shows. To avoid confusion, especially for the backstage team managing viewer requests for download pics or sexting, Candy (the former Partyland girl) adopted the name Kandi. 

Babestation Schedule babestation daytime
Candy Sexton

For almost a year on Babestation, she identified herself as “Kandi with a K” to distinguish herself from Candy Sexton. However, in November 2010, she simplified things by officially adopting the name Kandi Kay. While she had previously used the surname alias Kay as a model, it was a new addition to her persona on the babe channels and nude cams.

kandi kay
Kandi Kay

When comparing the night show graphics to Babestation Daytime graphics, the original blogger thought the daytime graphics drew more attention to the power of the scene. Babeshows can become routine and people can become desensitised, especially with all the options on live sex cams, but viewing them from a new perspective, like the Babestation daytime graphics, can reveal their daring and socially irreverent nature. Imagine this airing at 6pm in the evening – it completely intensifies the impact of this bold TV content.

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