They tell us that the Nation is going to have to “grit and bear it” because the serious snow and ice is on its merry way to fuck up our lives yet again.  But we won’t let that dampen our appetite for fun; as far as we’re concerned it’s all the more reason to keep your bits warm with an extra special rub or two (or three or four!)

So to help you keep your bits nice and warm as the snow creeps into our lives once again, we have some fabulous pictures that are sure to warm even the limpest of dicks out there.  And here she is – Babestation’s one and only Camilla!  She’s looking lovely, and she’s more than enough to warm things up.

Free babe pics
Babestation pics

I think our photographer must have had a constant hard-on during this shoot.  Camilla can really turn it on when she’s in stockings can’t she?  Well, she can turn it on in almost anything really!

Free porn
Free Babestation pics

Check out the rest of this set in our member’s area.


And don’t forget the auctions on BabeBay (our brand new eBay store), especially if you’re a knee high boots fan!  You can own a pair that have been worn by one of our girls on the set!


  1. i might not be able to talk to you now you’ve gone to BBTV. As its not on FREEVIEW in my area
    Camilla you are not an old ewe as you once said. You are not Dorian Gray, you could walk into any job
    in the media. But we are so glad you chose this medium. Camilla you are class, Camilla you are a lady,
    Camilla you are a beautiful human being xxxxxx

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