The world of the babe channels are filled with glamour, seduction, and the ultimate interactive experience. One of the most renowned events in this industry is the Babeshow Forum, a prestigious platform that celebrates the best of the best in the world of live babeshows. In 2012, the Babeshow Forum witnessed an exhilarating competition for the coveted title of Queen of Babestation 2012 .

Fans eagerly awaited the announcement of the winner, as the babes vying for the crown caught the attention of viewers with their tantalizing performances. Let’s dive into the world of the Babeshow Forum 2012 and discover who stole the show and captivated the hearts of fans.

Atlanta Moreno spreads her legs
Atlanta Moreno

The Prestigious Babeshow Forum 2012

The Babeshow Forum 2012 was an event of epic proportions, as the biggest stars of the babeshow world gathered to showcase their talent and charm. This much-awaited event brought together the best of the best, setting the stage for an intense competition that would determine the ultimate babe of 2012.

Highlighting the Top Contenders

The Babestation Award 2012 saw some of the biggest stars of babeshows competing for the ultimate title. The nominations included megan rox, priya young, atlanta moreno, beth bennett, lynda leigh, michelle moist, amanda rendall, tiffany chambers, taylor mckenzie, ashley emma, lori buckby, alice goodwin, and many more.

These babes had the audience on the edge of their seats with their scintillating performances, making the competition more intense than ever before.

Beth fingers her pussy

The Queen of Babestation 2012: Who Stole the Show?

After much anticipation, the ultimate babe of 2012 was crowned the Queen of Babestation. This babe stole the show with her mesmerizing performances, captivating the hearts of fans across the nation. Her talent, interactivity, and undeniable sex appeal set her apart from the rest, making her the undeniable choice as the Queen of Babestation 2012.

  1. Alex Adams – Retired
  2. Beth – Still Going Strong
  3. Britney – Vanished
  4. Brooklyn Blue – Media Pundit for GBNews
  5. Camilla – Onlyfans
  6. Charlie O Neal – Retired
  7. Chelsea French – Retired
  8. Cherri Hart – Retired
  9. Dani Amour – Still going
  10. Danni Levy – Babestation Daytime Queen
  11. Daryl Morgan – Retried
  12. Flick – just returned to the shows
  13. Georgie Darby – Still appears on babestation Nights
  14. Georgie Serino – retired
  15. Gracie Lewis – retired
  16. Geri – has an onlyfans account
  17. Jada – appearing on babestation TV
  18. Jade Samantha – retired
  19. Jet Black – retired
  20. Kelly Carter – retired
  21. Lacey Lorenzo – retired
  22. Letesha Collins – retired
  23. Lexie Ryder – retired
  24. Lily Pink – retired
  25. Lori Buckby – appearing on Babestation

    Lori in black negligee
    Lori Buckby
  26. Louise Porter – retried
  27. Madison – still appearing
  28. Megan Moore – retired
  29. Mica Martinez – retired
  30. Michelle Thorne – Onlyfans
  31. Nicolle Knight – retired
  32. Olivia – retired
  33. Paige Tyler – retired
  34. Preeti – still going strong on babestation
  35. Priya –  still going strong on babestation
  36. Tammy Taylor – retired
  37. Taylor Jay – retired
  38. Tiffany Chambers – retired
  39. Tori Lee – Onlyfans

How Did the Winner Impact the Babestation Landscape?

The Queen of Babestation 2012 left an indelible mark on the babeshow world

The winner and The Queen of Babestation 2012 is…

Girl No.5 It is the very gorgeous…

Camilla Jayne Quance!

A big thanks to everyone who voted and to all the girls involved. It was a great competition and very well done to Camilla, The Queen of Babestation 2012! The top 3:

babeshows legend Camilla in gym gear

1st 5. Camilla 25 votes

2nd 30. Mica Martinez 23 votes

Joint 3rd: 11. Daryl Morgan and 40. Tori Lee both 22 votes

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