Babestation Award Winners

Babestation TV and their many nude models have been up for many prestigious awards throughout the years – including the long standing UKAP Awards. If you aren’t aware of what UKAP does, allow the owner of the babeshow forum to explain. He posted this detailed description on the forum back in 2018 when UKAP first started to include the babe channels in their awards nominations.

Sophie topless on babestation bed
Sophie Hart

“The UKAP Awards is a celebration and showcase of the UK adult industry which has been held every year since 2005. This year for the first time the event will feature awards for the babe channels, with presentations for the night girl of the year and the day girl of the year. As the UK Babe Channels Forum is so well known as a hub for babe channel viewers we’re happy to announce that it’s fallen to us to conduct the voting. Hopefully we can do ourselves justice with this task and provide a great response and many votes will be cast. The awards ceremony for the UKAP Awards 2018 isn’t being held until October, but the initial voting to draw up the shortlists needs to be held now, so a further post will be made shortly with details on how you go about casting your votes for these two prestigious awards.”

A spokesperson for UKAP replied on the forum:

As explained above, there are two awards for the babe channels in the UKAP Awards this year (2018), the Babe Channel Night Babe Of The Year and the Babe Channel Day Babe Of The Year. There can be 10 nominees for each award. To cast your votes please send a PM to this account, UKAP Awards, with up to 10 names for each award. You can cast votes for either the night award or the day award if you wish, as there’s no requirement that voters must vote for both awards.”

The 2018 UKAP Awards ceremony was hosted by Michelle Thorne and Ryan Ryder, who presented the winners with their awards.

2018 UKAP awards

Cam performer of the year Nominees

Delia Rose in doorway
Delia Rose

Naomi Lee

Tiffany Tate Taylor

Atlanta Moreno

Paige Turnah 

Delia Rose


Alice Goodwin

Ashley Emma

Lilly Roma

Maddy Rose

Winner: Lilly Roma

babesttaion lilly roma topless in high boots
Lilly Roma

UKAP published a list of Daytime babes who were nominated for an award. The models came from babe channels across the board, including Studio 66, Xpanded and Babestation. Babestation nominees included Daisy Dillon, Hannah Claydon, Kiki Daniels, Marni Moore and Maxie Rhoads. The winner for Best Daytime Performer 2018 was announced as Rebecca Kelly.…and the Night performer nominees included Alice Goodwin, Amanda Rendall, Ashley Emma, Beth Bennett, Caty Cole, Georgie Darby and Scarlet Jones. The award for Best Night Performer 2018 ended up going to Scarlett Jones.

Back in 2017, Pornstar Ella Hughes took home the trophy for ‘Best Female Performer’. This was back when only pornstars and porn companies were nominated.

2019 UKAP awards

Nominees included Atlanta, Lola Rebecca Kelly, Caty Cole, Nicole Snow, Beth, Ashley Emma, Sophie Hart, Alice Goodwin and Scarlett Jones


Best Daytime Performer 2019: Rebecca Kelly 

Best Night Performer 2019: Atlanta Moreno

babestation pornstar Atlanta topless
Atlanta Moreno

2020 UKAP awards

Nominees included Caty Cole, Charmaine Sinclair, Jennifer Kelly, Maria Smith Michelle Moist, Preeti and Beth Bennett.


Best Daytime Performer 2020: Grace Elizabeth 

Best Night Performer 2020: Caty Cole

2021 UKAP awards

Nominees included Brooks Danni Levy, Darelle Oliver, Hannah Claydon, Hannah Mac, Mikaela Witt, Alice Goodwin, Atlanta Moreno, Preeti Young, Ruby Mae, Sophie Hart and Stella Paris


Best Daytime Performer 2021: Brooksie Brooks 

Brooksie Brooks in pearl necklace
Brooksie Brookes

Best Night Performer 2021: Atlanta Moreno

This babeshow forum user was very pleased that his favourite babes won:

Ryuken: “I voted for Atlanta and Brooksie, so I’m glad they won. They don’t rely on just their looks like most babes, they both put on the type of performances that every babe should be emulating. Preeti Young would’ve been a worthy winner of the night time award too, she was unfortunate to finish 10th.”

Top Award Winner

The performer to have won the highest number of UKAP awards is Atlanta Moreno, having won 2 Awards for ‘Best Night Performer’ and been nominated every year since 2018. She is currently nominated for the 2022 UKAP Awards, however the winners have not yet been announced.