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There were a lot of interesting nerd facts associated with the first month of transmission for Babestation on Freeview, starting in the early hours of 13th May 2009. I’ve covered the very first night in The First Babestation Freeview Show, but there’s lots more to look at here…

I wonder how many fans know, for example, that on the third night, the Station Monitor (call stats chart) was accidentally fed to screen? The Monitor revealed the amount of calls on Amanda Rendall’s line, as well as other call stats related to the channel, such as a count of incoming calls, nightly totals and the amount of calls connected to offscreen girls. There was no sensitive information on the chart, but I doubt Babestation would have wanted to display its trade figures to the nation. Interestingly, the Monitor still featured a total figure for Party Girls, which had gone off air two months earlier. Obviously, the Party Girls total showed a zero.


Memories from the first month of Babestation on Freeview Channel: Donna Duke on what was in fact the first section, on the first night. Whilst Donna was the first girl to perform onscreen on Babestation Freeview, Megan Moore was the first to actually talk to a Freeview caller, albeit offscreen.  Yvette Merriman and Anna Lovato on her one and only Babestation Freeview appearance. This was also the first topless Freeview appearance Anna ever made. Finally, an absolutely wicked outfit modelled by Dionne Mendez.  The mobile shortcode, differs from the much more familiar 69444. 89580 was used for the first two nights only.

There are quite a few other nerd notes I need to mention before I get started with a full schedule of onscreen personnel, but I’ll try and get through this as quickly as poss…

In the first 18 days of Freeview broadcasts, Babestation regularly featured its own 3G girls. These dedicated cam chat girls were axed at the end of May 2009, and were eventually replaced by the Sexstation Web girls. The Babestation 3G girls were not generally high profile Babestation performers, but they were featured in-house, working from the main studio. The old BS1 set had its own 3G area. When the set was split into three in autumn 2009, part of the old 3G area was integrated into the new Babestation 2 set, and the remainder was integrated into Partyland. The 3G girls were always introduced only by a single (first) name, and this makes them very difficult to identify – especially after the passage of such a long time.

Emily alongside Jodie Cox and Dionne Mendez. That’s the welcome and intro to Babestation Freeview just after the midnight start on 30th May 2009.

Because Elle stayed with Babestation as a daytime girl and resurfaced on the night shows later in the year using the name Elle Bailey, she’s easier to identify too.

Sammie was actually Sammy Milewski. You may remember her from an April 2009 episode of Snog Marry Avoid, or have subsequently seen her name in tabloid stories related to Jack P Shepherd. Sammie also appeared as a 3G girl on the earlier Party Girls series. I’m not sure why her name was spelled Sammie as opposed to Sammy on the live babeshows.

A quick round-up of some Babestation 3G girls: Melanie, Paris, Jemma Jey, Elle, seen on a later Partyland show and Sammie/Sammy promoting the Party Girls 3G service.

3G girl Paris, incidentally, also survived the spring ‘cull’ and subsequently made five appearances on the 3am Party People show before the end of July ’09. She didn’t, however, survive the scrapping of the Party People night show (3rd August ’09), and was not seen again on Babestation or its related shows after that.


More early BS Freeview memories.  Geri introducing the first show, Donna handing over to Megan later the same night.  Whilst visuals were extremely cautious on the first night, it took less than a week before the girl/girl kissing started, and threesome snog-ins had entered the equation by June. This delight of full-on tongue action features Dionne Mendez, Amanda Rendall and Jemma Jey. And finally, the way the girls would typically introduce their own sections on the early shows – standing against the back wall with no graphics on screen. The three models are: Tara Lee, Rachel Cole and Jemma Jey.


In its first month on Freeview, Babestation 1 normally featured three or four models. At this time, the girls working Babestation 1 (Freeview and Sky) and Babestation 2 (Sky only) remained on their specific channels through the night. This was later changed to a rotation system so that all the girls would work both channels, and a larger number of babes would feature in the Freeview show. Even though I’ve listed Dionne Mendez, Morgan Preece and Anna Lovato with their first and last names for ease of identification, at the time, on Babestation Freeview, they only used first names, and so were simply billed as Dionne, Morgan and Anna.

13/05/2009: Donna Duke, Geri and Megan Moore (plus featured 3G girl Emily).

14/05/2009: Jodie Cox, Kelly Carter and Anna Lovato (plus featured 3G girl Imogen).

15/05/2009: Amanda Rendall, Yvette Merriman and Kelly Carter (plus featured 3G girl Melanie).

16/05/2009: Dionne Mendez, Camilla Jayne and Dani O’Neal (plus featured 3G girl Elle).

17/05/2009: Geri, Dani O’Neal and Donna Duke (plus featured 3G girl Sammie).

18/05/2009: Jemma Jey, Amanda Rendall and Dionne Mendez (plus featured 3G girl Emily).

19/05/2009: Donna Duke, Yvette Merriman and Rebecca Jade (plus featured 3G girl Melanie).

20/05/2009: Camilla Jayne, Dani O’Neal, Paige Tyler and Rachel Cole (with Donna Duke, Rebecca Jade and Charlie C all promoting their appearances on the 3G service).

21/05/2009: Tiffany Chambers, Geri and Jodie Cox (plus featured 3G girl Imogen).

22/05/2009: Yvette Merriman, Charlie C, Paige Tyler and Kelly Carter (The main foursome also alternated on the 3G service).

23/05/2009: Paige Tyler, Dani O’Neal, Amanda Rendall and Jodie Cox (3G again alternated by the show’s main girls).

24/05/2009: Dionne Mendez, Amanda Rendall, Tiffany Chambers and Jemma Jey (3G once again alternated by the show’s main girls).

25/05/2009: Rachel Cole, Megan Moore, Amanda Rendall and Elle Bailey (Elle was the featured 3G girl, but also worked a full Freeview section).

26/05/2009: Morgan Preece, Megan Moore and Tiffany Chambers (plus featured 3G girl Paris).

27/05/2009: Donna Duke, Rachel Cole and Geri (plus featured 3G girl Imogen).

28/05/2009: Tara Lee, Camilla Jayne and Kelly Carter (plus Megan Moore promoting her 3G special, alternating with 3G girl Paris).

29/05/2009: Tiffany Chambers, Jemma Jey, Jodie Cox and Paige Tyler (3G was covered by the show’s main girls).

30/05/2009: Jodie Cox, Dionne Mendez and Tiffany Chambers (plus featured 3G girl Emily)

31/05/2009: Dani O’Neal, Amanda Rendall and Dionne Mendez (Plus featured 3G girl Elle).

01/06/2009: Tara Lee, Jemma Jey and Amanda Rendall (plus featured 3G girl Paris).

02/06/2009: Toya, Megan Moore, Amanda Rendall and Jodie Cox.

03/06/2009: Paige Tyler, Jade Victoria, Dani O’Neal and Dionne Mendez.

04/06/2009: Lynsey Atkinson, Morgan Preece, Tiffany Chambers and Geri.

05/06/2009: Lori Buckby, Dionne Mendez, Camilla Jayne and Tiffany Chambers.

06/06/2009: Dani O’Neal, Amanda Rendall, Camilla Jayne and Dionne Mendez.

07/06/2009: Yvette Merriman, Donna Duke, Jemma Jey and Tiffany Chambers.

08/06/2009: Yvette Merriman, Amanda Rendall, Paige Tyler and Morgan Preece.

09/06/2009: Donna Duke, Rachel Cole, Jodie Cox and Toya.

10/06/2009: Camilla Jayne, Lynsey Atkinson, Jodie Cox and Dani O’Neal.

11/06/2009: Donna Duke. Megan Moore, Tiffany Chambers and Toya (the night when Megan famously read the Babestation news).

12/06/2009: Donna Duke, Camilla Jayne, Dionne Mendez and Rachel Cole.

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