One of the ways you can surely tell if someone at home has been regularly watching Babestation TV, is how warn out the mute button is. The other-half goes to bed and leaves you alone with the television, it’s only natural you’ll flick up to Babestation and have a look who’s on, but you can never leave the sound on! You do not want the trouble and strife to be woken up by Lori Buckby shouting down a microphone telling you how much she wants you to call in and have sex with her…

Anyway, to any of you lucky people who are able to watch Babestation with the sound up, you are more than likely aware that we love us some house music!

There are some talented people who stand the other side of the camera at Babestation HQ, a fair few musicians, and in this case a house DJ with an ear for a banger. Not only has he laid the tracks that we use during the show, he’s also mixed a new album especially for Babestation, which you can now buy for yourself on iTunes!

Presenting… Babestation Essential House Collection Volume 2 (full track list below).

For anyone into their house music, you’ll love it. But I would recommend it to anyone who wants something a bit upbeat for a house party or some pre-gaming before you go out on a Friday or Saturday night.


Track listing

  1. Groove Time Federation – Angel Groove
  2. Groove Kings – Tight Groove
    ….track 1 and 2 are pretty groovy…
  3. Rob Hayes – Be With You
  4. Rob Hayes – Dirty
  5. Rob Hayes – Miami Dream
  6. Rob Hayes – My DJ
  7. Rob Hayes – Piano Theme
  8. Slam Inducer – Body Movin’
  9. Slam Inducer – Funk Bomb
  10. Slam Inducer – Space
  11. Slam Inducer – The Beat
  12. Slam Inducer – You Know Acid
  13. Babestation Essential House Collection Vol.2 – The full album mix (59:56)


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