Welcome to the A-Z guide of all things Babestation! From Babestation to Boxing Girls, we have got it all covered in this comprehensive guide. Whether you are a fan of Babes or Babecast, or just curious about what goes on behind the scenes at Babestation, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will provide an in-depth look at everything associated with Babestation – from the different shows and babe channels to the various categories of models and performers. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a fun-filled journey into the world of Babestation!

babestation Brookie Little naked
Brookie Little


For more than two decades, Babestation has been live across Sky, Freeview, and Virgin. Throughout this series, we delve into the comprehensive A to Z guide of Babestation, covering everything from its inception to the present day. In this article we look at the letter B.

B is for Babestation

As a pioneering adult sex chat television channel, BS continuously evolved its unique style of TV programming over the years. It offers a whole new world of interactivity for its VIP members and remains the UK’s number one live sex cams provider and cheap phone sex British XXX content provider. As the originator of the live babeshows TV format, Babestation collected the best selection of British Porn Stars, British nude models, and sexy TV naked models. With a diverse selection of classic TV models and a recent surge in new generation hot babes and adult work models, Babestation caters to a wide audience with its live cam girls and glamour content. The channel also provides the best selection of British porn stars and showcases secret camera angles of the babes, adding a touch of mystery to its offerings. In recent years, Babestation has expanded its digital presence, offering fetish content, live sex cams, and the cheapest phone sex in the UK, making it a favorite among adult entertainment enthusiasts and UK television viewers.

What is Babestation and what do they offer?

Babestation is a popular adult entertainment channel that offers live webcam shows, phone chat lines, and adult content. They provide a range of services catering to different preferences and interests, ensuring an enjoyable experience for their audience.

Babecast vs Babestation party poster

B is for Babecast

Babecast, a live and interactive show, was a collaboration between Babestation and David Sullivan at the Sunday Sport Newspaper in 2004. It offered a whole new world of interactivity for viewers, showcasing the unique style of TV programming. One Producer recalls working on the Show:

“It was a strange time, Babestation had only just started and the powers that be decided there should be an in-house rivalry. We didn’t know if it would work but it bloody did!  David Sullivan Co-owned Babecast and because he was a bit of a character we would often get shouted at a bit more if things went wrong. The girls were also different, in the beginning we could only use Sport Girls and I remember there was always a bit of rivalry between Babestation girls and Babecast. Otherwise though the shows were generally the same except on Babestation we usually pushed for new ideas whilst Babecast was kept as pure glamour. Later, the channel’s name changed to Babestation and was moved to the new ‘Adult’; section of channels by Sky”

B is for Babestation Babes

Gorgeous models, known as “babes”, are the backbone of Babestation, providing adult entertainment on TV and online. These babes boast a substantial following, attracting fans for private interactions and shows. Babestation maintains stringent selection criteria to showcase top-tier talent and heavily promotes its models in marketing efforts. Despite the adult nature of the content, Babestation prioritizes the respect and professionalism of its models. This approach has garnered a dedicated fanbase, emphasizing the importance of valuing these individuals.

babestation boxing with Dave Allen

B is for Boxing Girls

During a unique period, Babestation girls took on the role of ring girls at boxing matches, showcasing their versatility beyond the TV channel. An ex-worker of Babestation comments:

“We were trying a lot of new stuff at that time. Our old boss was into his sports with his friend being a popular boxing promoter. So in essence we took some Babestation girls along with some branding and had them be Ring Girls. It was relatively short lived but great to be a part of.”

Notably, renowned boxer Ricky Hatton was spotted watching Babestation, highlighting the broad appeal of the platform. You can read our blog on this here. Additionally, boxer Dave ‘The White Rhino’ Allen made an appearance at the studio, further bridging the gap between sports and adult chat television channel. This crossover between boxing and Babestation created an intriguing fusion, captivating audiences in a whole new world of interactivity.

Babestation cam show with Caty Cole
Caty Cole

And Finally…

A sneak peek into our upcoming article will take you through a journey across the letter C, featuring an array of Babestation delights. From the unique style of TV programming to the classic models and the new generation of hot babes, there’s something for everyone to explore.

We will be featuring classic models such as Caty Cole, and looking in-depth at the birth of the Cam revolution that started everything.