Babestation Abroad – Exotic Photoshoots – Babestation has been globe trotting with the babeshow models since the early 2000s, taking the babes on 1st class trips all over the world, all to get that perfect shot. Whilst browsing the archives for old content, we discovered a fantastic blast from the past, a behind the scenes featurette on the Babestation shoot in Mallorca in 2011, along with other ‘forgotten’ footage and pictures. This was probably the last great year of the ‘classic’ lineup on Babestation, and what a way to say farewell to it with this fabulous shoot.

babestation mallorca

The footage kicks off with a panning shot of a stunning villa, set in 2 acres of land and equipped with a swimming pool and 6 bedrooms. As the camera pans up the stairs, a grand wooden door opens to reveal the queen of Babestation, Dani O’Neal, greeting the viewer whilst wearing a sexy dress and looking every inch the stunning glamour model. The camera angles and accompanying music gives off an MTV Cribs-style vibe. In fact, Dani says ‘welcome to my crib’ upon opening the door. Take a look:

Mallorca Cribs: The Babestation Holiday Shoot 2011

babestation mallorca

Upon entry, Dani takes you on a tour of the grand mansion and introduces the models who will be shooting porn and glamour that week. The models are: Delta, Camilla, Kandi Kay, Kerry Louise, Lilly Roma, Leah Jaye, Paige Tyler, Charlie C, Georgie Darby, Preeti and Priya, Tiffany Chambers, Ree Petra and Daryl Morgan – the god tier of babe channel models. The filming style and Dani O’Neal’s hilarious comedy one-liners offers the viewer a tongue in cheek ‘Carry On’ essence, which engages the viewer and makes it impossible to look away. In fact, imagine crossing Benny Hill, Carry on and Euro Trash – you’d probably end up with something resembling the footage from the Babestation Mallorca shoot.

The introduction of extra characters such as ‘Lolita’ the maid and Winston the chef, all add to the quirky comedic nature of the video. Next Dani struts past the bathroom where a naked Delta and Kandi Kay are getting reading and heads into the home gym where Tiffany Chambers is slurping a bowl of ice-cream whilst walking on a treadmill in a bikini. The ridiculousness of it all is all too hilarious. Dani then enters the ‘laundry room’ to see Jeffrey, who is in fact just Winston the chef in a different outfit AKA, a member of the production team who fancied having a bash at acting.

babestation Mallorca

No doubt you would have seen plenty of hot naked XXX British porn action over the years and wondered what exotic location it was shot in. Well, if was probably this wonderful Babestation Mallorca villa, where lesbian action and solo masturbation was filmed on the daily with the sexiest British porn stars. Delta White and Kerry Louise shot a scene for BSX and the VIP galleries where they stripped naked by the pool and did plenty of pussy licking and toy action. Many of the porn scenes from the 2011 Mallorca trip can still be accessed by the VIP members area.

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