Tomorrow night at midnight on Channel 96 Babestation will be offering a pay per view adult content service called Babestation Xtreme.

The regular Babestation show will move to Channel 94, and Babestation 2 moves to Channel 99.

Babestation Xtreme will feature new movies we have shot especially for Xtreme, plus our back catalogue of films – a mixture of UK amateur porn and x-rated strips from all over Europe; naughty pants off action and a mixture of GG & BG scenes.

However, this is just the beginning. We will be upping the service with more content from the lovely Babestation babes and there’s a possibility of a live show – exact details are yet to be confirmed.

We have actually got the girls themselves directing and producing numerous features for you.

Plus, as is the Babestation way, we want you to have a hand in directing the action. You can tell the girls what you would like to see them doing after encryption and we can make it happen.

We want to take the Babestation experience further in your hands. Talk to your favourite girl and suggest what you want to see her doing on film where we can go that bit further – you may even have a film dedicated to you on air. We will also be looking at other ways of you getting in touch with us as the show evolves! Don’t forget you can always make suggestions about the show here or by PM’ing us.

Basically, we want the fans to be able to help us make an adult service on freeveiw that is worth paying for, with the right elements to make it a success and for people to come back happy in the knowledge that a little part of them is devoted to it.

We will be running a special launch night promotion, so on the first night you will be able to watch the service by sending a text and you will only be charged your standard network rate!

From the second night onwards, the standard charge will be £5 and you will be able to pay by text, by phone or by credit card on the website.

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