Babestation girl Beth Bennett, a New Zealand native, first came to the UK on a two-year work visa after completing her studies. Initially working as a bartender in a rural British pub, she stumbled upon Babestation, a well-known phone sex channel, after receiving her first paycheque. Unfamiliar with the live babe channel industry at the time, Beth had planned to return to her home country after her visa expired. However, dissatisfied with her pitiful pub salary, she decided to reach out to Babestation to explore a career as a nude cams model. Unexpectedly yet unsurprisingly, she became one of Babestation’s longest-standing nude models and even found love with an Englishman. Beth, who holds degrees in marketing and arts, shared her serendipitous journey into the world of adult entertainment and cams with the Daily Star. She said:

“I came over to the UK with a company and they basically set you up with a living pub so you don’t have to worry about anything. It was called London Pubs which leads you to believe it would be based in London so I came over and they put me in Thame, a very small village in Oxfordshire, and there was nothing, not even a train station. I started doing that and I was working the whole time, I was cooking, cleaning, and I had been horribly misled and at the end of the first week I had worked around 60 hours and they sent me £180 and I had to pay tax on that as well so I thought it wasn’t for me.”

Beth Bennett topless, knickers down, playing with pussy

Beth Bennett, who had previously been a topless dancer and stripper in New Zealand while pursuing her education, stumbled upon Babestation thanks to scrolling through the channels one day. As she recollected her initial encounter with the show, she chuckled, recalling, 

“I remember one fateful night when my tiny television in Thame displayed about ten channels, and that evening, Babestation happened to be on. It was at that moment I made up my mind to bid farewell to my pub job. Babestation at the time had this banner along the bottom saying, ‘Do you think you could be a babe’? It doesn’t look like the hardest job, if you are willing to get your clothes off then it is basically just talking isn’t it?.”

Beth Bennett went for an interview and made a humorous remark about not being asked to strip off before appearing on camera. She added: 

“I must have been good enough to keep around because I have been at Babestation coming up for 12 years.”

One of the reasons she has stayed there for so long is because she truly enjoys her unique job offering cheap phone sex via live sex cams to to horny callers. She explained that each day and call is different, and even shared a story about a client who treated her with respect, proving she is more than just a sexual object to men. Beth also mentioned that when she reveals her line of work, people are often curious and ask lots of questions. However, she sometimes avoids an uncomfortable conversation by telling certain people that she works in “online sales.” Contrary to popular belief, she described the work environment as fun and supportive, debunking the stereotype that it would be competitive or hostile because it is predominantly women who work there. She said:

“It is really friendly and always different. A lot of people have jobs that get a bit monotonous because it is the same thing day after day but we are literally talking to someone different all the time and it is always going to be a different call and then you get the regular callers and you remember them. And the people we work with, all the cameramen and everything are really friendly and there is no reason why I wouldn’t want to be there.”

Beth Bennett doggy style smiling at camera

After spending her first few months in the UK pulling pints, it’s amazing to see how much Beth has flourished in her career. This curvy, blonde bombshell is now a successful entrepreneur, featuring in high profile british porn films and Top Popular Porn Sites and ads for Beth Bennett Jerkmate shooting hardcore video content for companies such as Brazzers and Pornhub. Want to see Beth Bennett sucking cock? Check out the VIP members area to browse the extensive Beth Bennett porn gallery. Engage with Beth during a solo webcam show or filthy lesbian girl on girl show where you can enjoy erotic porn games with the sexy starlet or join her during one of her spectacular shows with Mr. P. Don’t forget to check the schedule for her upcoming Babestation X performances.