On a recent BBC podcast called, ‘Brown Girls Do It Too.’  Babestation’s own British/Indian/Persian sex pot Alicia Sweets joined presenters Poppy and Rubina to talk all things sex!  In particular, Alicia gave the pair a much needed lesson in sex chat including how to do it, when to do it and what sort of things work best.

Alicia Sweets uses her wealth of knowledge accumulated from years of working as a cam babe, appearing both on Babestation cams and live on your TV screens on Babestation’s night time babeshows.  Alicia burst onto the show full of energy and raring to share some tips of the trade as well as anecdotes from some of the live webcam shows she has put on over the years.


Alicia Sweets: “Both the girls were funny, open minded and down to Earth!!  I was excited to have a girly filthy chat about sex with two other girls from Muslim backgrounds, knowing they understand my experience.  I couldn’t stop giggling, their questions and responses to my answers had me cracking up!”

The podcast, ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’ aims to shed some of the stigma surrounding sex in the British Asian community and the two presenters talk openly, frankly and honestly about their sexual experiences.  For Alicia Sweets, coming on to the show to talk to Poppy and Rubina was a great way to bring the conversation about sex to a broader spectrum of people.

Brown Girls Do It Too

Alicia Sweets: “It’s very important for all people from different backgrounds and of all ages to understand sex is natural, should always be consented, shouldn’t come with shame and most certainly shouldn’t be boring!!  ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’ was definitely an eye opener for a lot of people who still see sex as shameful or a topic to be avoided.”

Podcasts such as ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’ are hugely important in shaping society’s views, understanding and acceptance of the joy of sex.  Especially within certain, more conservative demographics.  Hopefully in the future more examples like this whether in podcast form or in a different form of media can continue this trailblazing example and continue the good work done.

Alicia Sweets

Alicia Sweets: “In my opinion the older generations need to accept the times the younger generation are living in now.  Where young people have human rights and that talking about sex, which is natural and part of life should be embraced, discussed and spoke of in positive light.”

Listen here to Alicia Sweets on the award winning, ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’, for some incites into attitudes about sex as well as a few dirty talking tips and inside knowledge as to what women like between the sheets!