The delicious blonde turned brunette first began her glamour career at the tender age of 19 when she shot a topless spread for the Daily Sport. Her classic beauty and curvy figure made her an instant hit with lads up and down the county and the work started flooding in. Delia Rose had her pick of all the magazines and for a while, her face and cracking body was plastered in every tabloid and glamour mag of the era. After spending a few years solely doing photoshoots, Delia was offered the opportunity to work for Babestation and she jumped at the chance. She loved the live studio environment and had fun interacting with her hoards of fans.

Delia Rose topless in newspaper

After being one of the most popular girls on Babestation for several years, she decided it was time for a much needed break, and posted to her Twitter that was leaving the industry for good. Her fans were devestated but wished her will with her new ventures. But as with many of us channel girls, a return was imminant, and after plenty of rest and relaxation she came back with all guns blazing; and with a completely new look. The Barbie blonde was gone and in walked the sensual seductive brunette you see before you today. She looks fresh and invigorated and I think she’s totally rocking her new look.

Delia Rose lies on her back

As a former channel girl myself, I can totally relate to that feeling of wanting to leave the industry. It’s not that we actually want to leave but we are a pretty impulsive bunch and when you work nights you tend to burn yourself out quite quickly and instead of recognising that we probably just need a few months off, we make the hasty decision to ‘quit for good’. We’ve all done it, myself included, but we just can’t keep away! This career isn’t for everyone but there is seriously nothing like it. If you like these pics and you want more Delia Rose content, check out Delia Rose Onlyfans now!

If you’re wondering what Delia Rose got up to during her break from the industry, she did what many of us girls like to do – travel. She packed her bags and flew to America where she shot for some high profile glamour magazines and took part in several Las Vegas pool party runway shows. She had an epic time but as the saying goes ‘there’s no place like home’ and after a few months of travelling the States, Delia Rose flew back to Blighty to return to the place she knows and loves – Babestation.

I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say I couldn’t be happier that Delia Rose is back where she belongs. She truly is a Babestation icon!