If you haven’t seen the schedule yet, we’ve got some exciting news. Georgie Darby will be performing a tease special tonight from 10pm on pervcam. We can’t wait to see her back at Babestation, here’s all the reasons why you should be too:

Georgie Darby

Why We Love Georgie Darby

Georgie Darby joined Babestation in Autumn 2009 as a daytime presenter. She was already well-known from her appearances in Page 3, porn mags like Mayfair Magazine, and Playboy, and was expected to become a big name in the babe channel world in 2010.

Georgie Darby was unlike any other glamour model around that time. A sexually mischievous and naughty tomboy, she would banter with her callers before getting down to the nitty gritty. She had a knack of putting her phone sex callers at ease with her jokes and talk of “filling your buckets with spunk”, a tagline that would become a bit of a trademark for Georgie.

Georgie Darbby

What Makes Georgie So Unique?

It’s interesting when we look back on the early days of Georgie Darby and the way she presented herself. Her accent was different; slightly posh, and her demeanour was more reserved.

There were, however, hints of the madness that was yet to ensue. A prime example being when Georgie embarked on an anecdote about filling someone’s kettle with bacon and distributing raw sausages around their house.

Over time, her explicit language and behaviour on the shows got more outrageous. Sometimes and her callers lined up for it would get her into trouble with Ofcom’s broadcasting code as her movements or mic ups would break broadcasting rules but it was always with a twinkle in her eye.

She was always coming up with wacky stories and anecdotes and her babe channel viewers and social media followers loved her for it. Well, that coupled her insanely hot naked body and big natural boobs.

Georgie Darby

Georgie Darby Is Back!

Now that Georgie is back from her stint on Studio 66, you can gain access to her via her xxx pervcam shows and hopefully in the future, we’ll get her on the live babeshows too.

Over time, Georgie’s nude shows have become much more hardcore, with fuck machine shows and pussy play that you can only see in her porn videos via her Georgie Darby Onlyfans account. Perhaps she will do them for us on BSX but you will have to call her up on the adult phone chat line and ask.