Did you know Georgie Darby can “fanny fart on demand?”  Her words, not ours!

Yes, this filthy minded and filthy mouthed South Londoner is renowned for her appearances all over the glamour press: Zoo, Nuts, Page 3 and all those other lad’s mag type publications, but her best work is with us here at Babestation of course!

She’s a bit of a sponge when it comes to life experience and she loves to enjoy all the fine things in life… She has a particular fondness for red wine and coke!  We’ve never heard of that mixture before, but apparently it’s quite nice.  Hey, don’t ask me, ask her!

Georgie Darby
Dirty Georgie Darby

She loves to keep fit at the gym, but confesses that she gets just as much exercise from “humping thin air” on Babestation.  There’s no wonder she has such a lovely tight ass that you simply want to slap!

You can chat with our lovely Georgie Darby by following her on Twitter, but prepare yourself for her foul mouth!  She really does say every single twisted little thought that goes through her wicked little mind…

Babestation X News

Tomorrow – Wednesday 29th January – sees the return of Camilla on the live show.  You can watch the first half an hour of Babestation X live on our website when Camilla will have no limits.  Then it’ll air on Freeview Channel 174.

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