Whether or not she was or is in a relationship with singing star James Arthur doesn’t really matter, but Lori Buckby is never far from the news…

However, we’re proud to say that Lori is first and foremost a Babestation girl and she’s one of the very best we have and for the next three days you’ll be able to see her on the show shaking her ass to the rhythm of the nation wanking themselves off over the phone!

Lori Buckby
Lori Buckby

Lori has been with us at Babestation virtually from the beginning and she wouldn’t change it for the world apparently:

“Babestation has been good to me and I love everyone there, from the guys in the studio to all the girls I work alongside.  There really isn’t a babe channel like it and I don’t plan to go anywhere, anytime soon…”

Lori Buckby

She’s a social creature Miss Buckby, and you can catch her on Twitter quite a lot these days.  She really likes to communicate with her fans, but keep it nice please, she’s a lady!

Lori Buckby on the show tonight!