This is a brief post to ask you all for any questions you’d like to ask your favourite Babestation girls…

The weather is getting warmer and people already seem happier that the ridiculous cold spells are long gone.  Our Babestation girls are getting themselves ready for a nice hot summer and it’s pleasant to see see them come into the studio without their massive coats on, and covered in hats, gloves and scarves!  But that’s not how you lot see them is it?  You see them like you did at the weekend, letting it all hang out for your viewing pleasure.  Lori Buckby was particularly hot right?  That’s why we thought we’d share this lovely picture with you.  We love to see Lori taking her knickers off on the live TV show (she’s very risky!) and we love the photos we have on her onsite at the moment.

Lori Buckby

There are so many Babestation girls on our show that we struggle sometimes to keep up with them all.  We’d like to represent them all equally on this blog and share their latest pictures and anything else that would fuel your interest in them, but we might need a little help.  Do you think you could send us a few questions for our Babestation girls?  Take Lori for example (I bet you’d love to) what would you really like to ask Lori Buckby?  Not just what her favourite sexual position is (we’re pretty sure she’d say “any”), or her favourite colour for goodness sake.  What about finding something out about them?

It’s a good idea to use the comment box below to be honest, because it’s the place that I read the most, and I’m the one who will be putting your questions to the girls over the next few weeks with any luck.  I’ll take on board any sensible suggestions and use them, so just go for it. It’s not like you have anything else to think about all day is it?

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