Here it is fellas – the highly anticipated line up for Christmas and New Year Eve. Due to popular demand, Alice Goodwin will be laid bare for another ‘Mr P’ special, Ashley Emma will be soaking her tits in oil, plus loads more saucy entertainment. Take a look at what’s to cum & have a very sexy Christmas!!!

Babestation Daytime
Friday 20th December
5am-2pm: Zoe Stollery, Lacey Mae, Millie Fenton
12pm-8pm: Tara May
2pm-10pm: Charlie C, Macy Leigh
Cam girls: Jay Scott, Zara Lei, Phoenix, Flick, Chloe Lloyd, Annie Mae, Aria Rose, Sophia Smudge

Saturday 21st December
5am-2pm: Charlie C, Daisy Dillon, Macy Leigh, Tara T
12pm-8pm: Toni Lane
2pm-10pm: Kylie Rose, Simone Jay
Cam girls: Aria Rose, Tanya, Kady Courtney, Sophia Smudge, Zara Lei, Alisha Jayne

Sunday 22nd December
5am-2pm: Flick, Kylie Rose, Alexandra
12pm-8pm: Bella
2pm-10pm: Rochelle, Chloe Lloyd
Cam girls: Lacey Mae, Alisha Jayne, Bella Ellis, Jamie Knight, Simone Jay, Kami

Friday 27th December
5am-2pm: Lacey Mae, Tara T, Chloe Lloyd, Layla Rose
12pm-8pm: Tara May
2pm-10pm: Macy Leigh, Mikaela Witt
Cam girls: Kylie Rose, Flick, Rochelle, Jamie Knight

Saturday 28th December
5am-2pm: Bella, Macy Leigh, Chloe Lloyd
12pm-8pm: Mikaela Witt
2pm-10pm: Kim J, Tanya
Cam girls: Rochelle, Jamie Knight, Kayla Brookes, Alisha Jayne

Sunday 29th December
5am-2pm: Aria Rose, Beth, Tanya
12pm-8pm: Hannah C
2pm-10pm: Lady Natt, Kim J
Cam girls: Kady Courtney, Layla Rose, Lacey Mae, Alisha Jayne, Eva Ray, Kayla Brookes, Millie Fenton, Ella Mai, Simone Jay, Kami

New Years Eve
5am-2pm: Ness Lloyd, Tara T, Rochelle, Kady Courtney
12pm-8pm: Annie Mae
2pm-10pm: Millie Fenton
Cam girls: India Asia, Maddison Lee, Scarlett Louise

New Years Day
5am-2pm: Hannah C, Danni Levy, Annie Mae
12pm-8pm: TBC
2pm-10pm: Kim J, Simone Jay
Cam girls: TBC

Babestation Nightshow
Friday 20th December
Sarah Louise, Atlanta, a Priya
Cam Girls: Alice Goodwin, Kiki Daniels, Jess West, Imogen James, Lucky Luxe, Kayleigh Wanless

Saturday 21st December
Nicole Snow, Atlanta, Beth
Cam Girls: Caty Cole, Jess West, Anna Bailey, Bella Ellis, India Asia

Sunday 22nd December
Scarlett Jones, Alice Goodwin, Nicole Snow
Cam Girls: Bella, Imogen James, Anna Bailey, Anna Bailey, Sophie Ellis, Hayley Maye, Jersey Ray

Friday 27th December
Lucky Luxe, Alice Goodwin, Sophie Hart
Cam girls: Ashley, Hayley Maye

Saturday 28th December
Imogen James, Sarah Louise, Atlanta
Cam girls: Ashley Emma, Lori, Anna Bailey, Zara Lei

Sunday 29th December
Imogen James, Atlanta, Priya
Cam girls: Alice Goodwin, Jess West, Anna Bailey, Kayleigh Wanless

New Years Eve
Nicole Snow, Alice Goodwin, Valentina
Cam girls: Imogen James, Hayley Maye, Alisha Jayne

New Years Day
Atlanta, Tori Lee, Beth
Cam girls: Sophie Hart, Hayley Maye


BSX Live

BSX Live

BSX Live

BSX Live

Babestation Cams
Friday 20th December
Alice – Mr P Special Show – 10pm – Late

Alice Goodwin

Friday 21st December
Caty Cole – Filthy Sex Games – 10pm – Late

Caty Cole Filthy Sex Games

Tuesday 24th December
Atlanta– Xmas Filth – 8pm – Late

Atlanta Xmas Filth

Friday 27th December
Ashley Emma – Oil and Shower Special

Ashley Emma

Sunday 29th December
Alice – Mr P Special Show – 10pm – Late

Alice Goodwin

Tuesday 31st December
Alice – Mr P Special Show – 10pm – Late

Alice Goodwin Mr P Special
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