On this exact date, 13 years ago, we at Babestation started something that had never been seen before! We put our first Babestation Babes on screen and we started taking calls from and building relationships with lovely people at home. You could say we changed the world. I’m going to say that.

Each year, on our birthday, we like to try and do something a little special across the shows to celebrate, and offer you guys a bit of something different. This year is no different! So take a look below at our rundown of what to expect over the next few days.

Thursday 3rd December

Babestation X

Tonight we have a special offer on BSX. The usual price for a Thursday night on our pay-per-view channel, Babestation X, is £5. Tonight you can purchase it for the tiny price £1.50!

Babestation X features live sex shows and hardcore content from Babestation. You can watch it on Freeview channel 174 from 11pm, just press the red button and get a night of quality adult entertainment for just £1.50!

Friday 4th December

Babestation TV

We’re very excited about what we have coming up on Friday 4th. An absolute Babestation legend is coming back to the studio, and as you may have guessed from the header image of this blog. It’s Camilla Jayne.

Camilla Jayne spent a good few years with us and built up quite a following in that time. She has spent some time away from the babe channels, but we have coaxed her back for a night of fun and debauchery in Babestation studios.

So don’t miss Babestation TV on Friday night, to see Camilla Jayne presenting the show. Keep your eyes peeled and you just might see her get on the beds and take some of your calls… anything could happen. Here’s a few pics of Camilla to whet your appetite:

Saturday 5th December

Babestation Cams

Babestation Birthday


As you can see from our little banner on the left here, all day on Babestation Cams on Saturday 5th December, we’ll be offering everyone who tops up 20% EXTRA FREE credits on their purchase. E.g. for everyone that tops up £100, you’ll now receive £120 worth of credits.

Days like those are the best days to try out Babestation Cams if you haven’t before, as it’s the best value for money of any day on the site! There will be Babestation Babes online all day ready to have intimate webcam sessions with you.

If this sounds like something that could tickle your fancy, head over to Babestation Cams any time on Saturday and book a cam show with you favourite girl, or just see who’s on and get camming.

Click here to visit the Babestation Cams website


Babestation Daytime

We’re having a Babestation legend in the studio on Friday in the shape of Camilla Jayne, and we continue the theme of old-school Babestation girls on Saturday, on Babestation Daytime.

Coming up on the BS Daytime show from 2pm-9pm is Morgan Preece and Siobhan Hughes. Both of these hot babes were popular on Babestation Daytime, before venturing off and trying their hands on other channels. They may have left the babe shows behind, but they’ll be back this Saturday in a one-time-only special! So get those calls in!

You can watch the girls on Sky channel 906, 908-9 and on Freeview channel 175!

Here’s a little reminder of what’s in store:

Sunday 6th December

Finally, to round off the birthday weekend, we have a deal on our Official Babestation Calendar 2016.

For the whole of Sunday, the Babestation Calendar will be HALF-PRICE! To get calendar, head over to the Babestation shop!

For some more detailed info about the calendar and some previews of who you can expect to find inside, see our previous post here: https://www.babestation.tv/blog/babestation-calendar-2016-available-now/


  1. I totally agree…babestation babes are better when well behaved..unless you into wild cats. I’m even tempted to request meeting the babes. Lol

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