Kayla Keen left bank job for onlyfans

Live babeshow model and cam girl, Kayla Keen, was once working for a bank where she would spend her days behind a computer punching in numbers for the banks fraud department. However it all got a bit monotonous for Kayla and she realised there were bigger and better things on the horizon. She promptly quit her job and started up an Only Fans, where she’s raking it in.

kayla keen

Kayla Keen spoke to the the Scottish Sun and revealed the weirdest requests she’s received from her Onlyfans subscribers – which include sitting in a bathtub of cold baked beans and squashing birthday cake with her ass. I always knew sploshing was popular but damn, baked beans?? Whatever floats your boat I guess. 25-year-old Kayla, from Glasgow, was first introduced to the XXX scene when she was a teen 18+ by her famous cousin, top British pornstar Georgie Lyall, but it wasn’t until several years later that she fully immersed herself in the scene and made the shocking career switch. When questioned about the bizarre requests fans ask for, Kayla said:

“I’m very obliging for the most part and don’t ever want anyone on my page to feel embarrassed if their kink is a bit different from the norm.  I’ve also had a few instances where I’ve learned that people I know in real life are subscribed to me which can be funny but also awkward at times depending on the person.”

kayla keen

Kayla already had a leg up in the industry (pardon the pun) thanks to her big cousin Georgie Lyall, she offered lots and tips and tricks for making it in the world of adult entertainment and content creating.  See what you think of Georgie’s content when you click on Georgie Lyall Onlyfans.

Kayla talks about the financial freedom her career has given her:

“I’m debt free and saving like crazy for property and the future. I’m well aware these things don’t last forever so I’m focusing more on becoming a landlord than driving a Land Rover. For me it’s all about investing and not throwing it away. I learnt that from Georgie.  She has retired from making movies now and focuses on her family and done exactly what she set out to do and then left the business with great stories to tell and life long friendships within the industry. If I can round up my career in the same way in the end then I’ll be happy. You never know what the future holds and with Georgie I have all the right contacts to take my career international.

She added:

“I also followed in her footsteps by working for Babestation which I love. It’s such a buzz going to the studio and working with some of the top girls in the industry. I currently appear on Babestation Cams and have content updates on their VIP site, but hopefully will be back and on TV screens in the near future.”

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