This blog was first written by @babe_TV and posted on Tumblr on 23rd October 2014.  It look back on some live babeshow highlights from back in the days, around 2009.

Autumn 2009 is full of vivid memories from Babestation’s Freeview babe channels, a number of which I’m looking at in this retrospective. I’m going back in time five years for this post, as I’ve done before, but on this occasion I’ve widened the net a little to cover the mid to late autumn of ’09, rather than just one babeshow.

I was always going to include the babeshow of the moment. I’m referring, of course to the then brand new Babestation Xtra. And what a freaky little hive of offbeat shenanigans it was. From October 2009, Michelle Moist and Lori Buckby were in the hotseat, taking phone sex calls with Louise Porter on Babestation 1, Stevie Ritchie on Babestation 2, and Charlie C is with Yvette Merriman on the side for cheap phone sex Partyland.

Then the inevitable text message would come in and the show instantly turns into a leg, foot and tickling fetish bonanza.  Geri would respond to texts with a leg and feet show, closely supported by Reede Fox, in mid November and the sweet little innocent Paige Tyler. One minute she’s opening the Freeview show at 1am on 2nd November 2009. And one wacko text later she’s got her ankles tied together and some bloke from behind the scenes tickling the daylights out of her feet. They certainly don’t make live babeshows like that anymore, although whether that’s a bad thing or a good thing is open to debate.

live babeshow
Yvette Merriman

Babestation tried to entice back this top ranking adult phone chat line firestarter after her departure from the babeshows, but without success. Yvette Merriman was in her final weeks on the babe channels when the autumn 2009 section was shot on the stairways of ‘Babestation Towers’. It’s interesting in that it was shot in the disused 4:3 aspect ratio, which had been replaced with widescreen 16:9 in late spring. It seems BS had a roaming camera which was set in that format, and was also used for one or two shower sequences. Yvette’s image, with short hair and a more alternative look than the norm on Babestation, lent itself well to the wide range of roleplays she covered, and helped her stand out visually as well as in terms of her edgy personality. The channel was Babestation 1, which by this time was transmitting on Freeview 94.

Party People Summer 2009

Even though the Party People night show had finished in the summer, the early morning Freeview show continued to use the brand. Amber James got the show started at just after 5:30 on 31st October 2009. Amber had also worked on the Party People night time live babeshow, but in general she was rarely seen on Freeview in 2009. This was one of just two appearances I’ve got logged for the whole autumn. Amber was, however, on Freeview much more frequently in 2010.

Babestation 1’s Opening Sequence

In 2009 it was very much the done thing to fill the opening sequences to Babestation’s main babe channels with video clips of the frontline babes.  Babestation 1’s really striking opening sequence, as premiered on the night of 23rd to 24th November ‘09 was actually the third Babestation Freeview intro, the first having run from 13th May to 27th August, and the second having filled the interim. The babes featured, in normal reading order, are Alex AdamsLouise PorterCamilla Jayne, Megan Moore, and Dani O’Neal with Daryl Morgan. Also in the vid were Karina Currie, Paige Tyler and former Studio 66 babe, Lori Buckby.

live babeshows
Louise Porter

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Babesatation Xtra Opening Sequence Autumn 2009

All the Babestation intro sequences (excluding Partyland) were updated on 23rd November, and interestingly, Babestation 2’s vid featured exactly the same girls as Babestation 1’s, except for Karina and Louise. BS Xtra’s sequence had only comprised vector graphics up until this point, but it was replaced with a “Welcome to Babestation Xtra!” video, the start of which was shot in front of a bus, outside the BS studio, almost certainly on Bonfire Night, 5th November 2009. That was the night Babestation held a special BS Xtra launch party, not far from the old studio in the West End. It should be noted, however, that the actual show began in late October, over a week before the launch party.

It’s hard to identify all the girls in the bus clip because some faces are partly or fully obscured throughout the footage, but it looks like Amber James, Cleo O’Booty, Jada, Michelle Moist, Rosie Lee, Charlie O’Neil, Yvette, Lori and Camilla are all there. Paige Tyler may be one of the girls who’s obscured. The group wouldn’t have included Geri, Caty Cole, Ella Jolie, Daryl Morgan, Reede Fox, Megan Moore or Karina Currie, because they were all working on the live babeshows that night. Stevie was on holiday abroad, so she couldn’t have attended the party, and I don’t think Dani O’Neal was very well, so she may not have gone either.

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Dani O’Neal Babestation 2009

You really do know you’re back in the golden age of Babestation when the first face you see after the opening sequence is that of Miss Dani O’Neal. Dani was the longest serving Babestation babe at this time, having worked for the babe channel almost since it started. She was very intensively employed across the BS babe channels through Autumn ‘09, even doing some work on Babestation Daytime.  Notably, she was runner up in the Queen of Babestation viewer text poll at the end of that autumn. That was a remarkable feat given that she hadn’t been on screen at any point during the vote. All of the other babes who placed prominently in the poll had been on the mics for long periods, canvassing for votes over the course of the contest. But a Dani O’Neal fan was a Dani O’Neal fan. They knew who their favourite was, and they’d vote for Dani. No one else.

live babeshows

Camilla and Charlie C, Naked Nurses

Autumn 2009 saw babes walking onto set without underwear for the first time on a permanent Freeview channel, and from the amount of nakedness which ensued on Babestation it was fairly evident that viewers couldn’t get enough of it. In this section, at the height of the excitement on 25th November 2009, Nurse Camilla was joined by Charlie C for a nudie romp with a syringe. Camilla introduced the section with…

“Hmmm… I forgot to wear my knickers to work… I think someone stole them… So [giggles], I think that you guys out there should come and help me… I can’t believe I’ve lost them… again [laughs]… So, why don’t you come through, and bend me over, and come and tell me what a… cheeky, little nurse I am…”

Stevie-Louise Ritche Partyland 2009

And finally, a look at Partyland, the fourth of Babestation’s main night time live babeshows. In the Partyland mechanic’s office, Stevie-Louise Ritchie, talking to a ‘girl caller’. The use of ‘girl callers’ was scaled up just on the cusp of summer and autumn 2009, and accompanying ‘black box’ text insets were implemented around the same time.

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